I have talked about my garage in other posts and how I am determined to have it all cleaned out and organized by the time the cold weather arrives.  Small steps every week to the finish line!

The process I am using is one most folks use when trying to get organized.  I say to myself should I……………..

Keep it!

Donate it!

Trash it!

I tend to want to donate most things, but now that I am not working I do have more time to recycle.

Here is the latest find.

Basket SetThis is a set of six small baskets which fit into a thick wire base.  Years ago when I purchased this I think I used it in a bathroom.  Like most things I suppose something else replaced it and it ended up in the garage, like everything else.

I love Pottery Barn, it is one of my favorite stores, cannot afford most things they offer, but I love to look!  In the latest catalog they sent to me I really loved the basket storage ideas shown below.

Pottery BarnPottery Barn 2Adding tags, and numbers, to small baskets used for storage, definitely the Pottery Barn look!

Sooooo…………I decided to try and give that look to my garage found basket unit.

– Gave the base unit a fresh coat of black paint.

– Cleaned all the baskets.

– Bought some black tags with jute ties.

– Printed out numbers on my PC with cream colored paper and simply attached to the tags.

IMG_0161[1]It didn’t take much of my time, and the cost was minimal.

Here’s my recycled Pottery Barn look alike…….


It will work out great as a catchall in my work area for post it notes, push pins, paper clips, etc.

Love it!

Thank you Pottery Barn!

See you all tomorrow, have a great Friday!



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