Summer is beginning and the temperatures in Ohio are rising!  Near 90 this weekend.

As I have mentioned before, we are on a budget, and really cannot afford to waste money, but we wanted a pool to sit by, have a few drinks, and cool off.  Well, today we found it!

It is a round one, above ground, and very colorful!

Here it is…………………………………..

A beach ball sprinkler!  Our swimming pool!Don’t you just love it?

We have plans to sit in our lounge chairs, with our pool in the center, spraying us, and keeping us cool.

We can move it here and there, and it is low maintenance too!

We are not young but we are so excited with our purchase.  Who says it’s just for kids!  We will always be young at heart.

Oh, did I mention the price?  It was $12.88 at Wal-Mart.

Just blow it up, and add the hose to it!

What fun!  I think I will get a new beach towel, and maybe a new swimsuit.

What do you think?

I bet you are putting your shoes on right now and heading to Wal-Mart!

Happy summer, stay cool!



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