I have such fond memories of Easter as a child and would like to share a few with all of you today.

We always had new outfits, my sister and I had new dresses, sweet hats, purses, and white gloves. My brother had a new suit and always a bow tie. I do remember getting Easter baskets full of goodies.

ydmWe went to church on Easter morning, and then a trip with my grandmother to the cemetery placing flowers on my grandfather’s grave. This was something we did every Easter.

granny 001This is something that I continue to do to this day.  Tomorrow I will visit my sweet Mother’s grave who is now in heaven.

We then went to Granny’s house for Easter dinner.  Everyone was there, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  There was always so much food, I especially loved my aunt’s homemade biscuits along with Granny’s gravy.

There was always a table filled with desserts, all homemade.  I remember chocolate cake, a stacked apple cake, Granny made, and my aunt’s coconut cream pie.  Yummy!

After dinner a favorite memory was my Mother and her sisters doing the dishes and singing old gospel songs.  They would sing, and cry, and laugh.  It makes me so sad that they have all passed away.  Thank God for memories.  My heart is full of joy remembering them all together in the kitchen.

These were some of the good memories of my childhood.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

yvonne 001

Make some joyful memories this Easter with your family!




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