Years ago the ladies in my neighborhood played a silly dice game once a month, “Bunko”.

It was not about the silly game, but it gave us a reason to just get together for some laughter, food, and drinks.

We all made a big deal when it was our month to be the hostess.  Cleaning, so everything was spotless, deciding on which recipes to make for snacks, and the evening ending dessert.

This could be so stressful, wanting everything to be perfect hoping to get approval and compliments.

Why do women do this to themselves?

A fun time turns into a nightmare!  Instead of looking forward to your turn to be hostess you are just happy when the whole thing is over!

When we arrived at Beth’s home, her turn to be hostess, we all saw a less than perfect home, a little dust, and a little clutter.  Wow!  Not what we were all used to seeing!  Judging eyes looking all around.

To this day I remember what Beth said to all of us, “my baby girl wanted to play all day, she was so happy to spend time with me that I neglected a few things, I know you all understand”.

Did we?

I do now!

jimmy blk and wh eyes

Spending time with your children, those happy faces, those joyful moments, far more important than having a perfectly clean home to impress others.

I am still trying to be more like “Beth”, choosing the important, loving, things in life.



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