One of the most hurtful things in my life has been words, especially words about my weight.

It wasn’t until after my son was born that I started to gain weight.

Changes in life style, going from working on the outside, to staying home caring for a baby was the beginning of my struggle.  Gaining extra pounds every year from that point.

All of my life it did seem that the only attention I received was because I had dimples, and was cute.

I remember once during a job interview for a part time office job, the owner interviewed me and in my full view he wrote across my application “Cute as Hell”.  Nothing like, well qualified, great experience, no he wrote “Cute as Hell”.

Loved my grandma so very much but one day after not seeing her for a while she said to me “what happened to you”, referring to my weight gain.  I know she did not want to hurt me, but she did.

An uncle, at a family gathering, got me off to the side and told me “try not to gain any more weight”.  What!  Did he get everyone in the family who had gained weight off to the side and say this to them?

My weight is an issue, ups and downs.  Believe me I know that people are treated differently when they are thin, I have been there!

To be happy for the rest of my life I have decided the weight I want to maintain.  Being “Cute as Hell” is not a priority at my age, but instead, having a comfortable weight, being healthy, for a good quality of life is the place I want to be.

Seriously everyone, watch your words!

Hurtful words are carried with people for all of their lives.

Find the place you want to be in all areas of your life and be happy.

I am attaching a song, thanks to Myquillyn, the “31 Days” writing challenge hostess, for introducing this song to me.

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