When we are born God has already picked the family we are going to belong to!

Families are not perfect.  No one can pick a family like we can pick our friends.

Our family is the one place we all should fit in no matter what we have done, or how we look, or what we have in this world.  Families should stick by each other, unite in troubled times.

I know there are times we hurt one another and make each other cry, but we forgive and forget.  We forgive each other over and over,  we are all weak, we all make horrible mistakes.

In the darkest moments of my life my family was there for me, not judging, but just helping and loving.  Uniting around my problems.

The younger members of our family may turn to others for help but will soon learn, as I did, that only your family will truly be there for you!

I am working hard on reconnecting with each of my family members, making up for the lost years when we all let go of each other.

Our family is small and my hope is that we all can reconnect.  I cannot be really happy without my family, all of them.

The holidays are coming, reconnect with the family God wanted you to be part of,

just love them!


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