So much of my love of life involves music, and the joys it brings to me everyday.

I love soulful music, songs about life, love and its heartbreaks, all the ups and downs of living.

Everyday tasks go buy so fast when listening to songs we love, it can change our mood in an instant, calm us, make us smile, and of course it can bring about some “loving sad” from memories of certain songs.

Love so many old gospel songs, probably because of those old memories of my mom and her sisters singing while doing the dishes after a family gathering.

I could list so many of my favorites, “Love Hurts” by the Everly Brothers, popular when I was a preteen, Ray Charles, Norah Jones, the sad songs from Johnny Cash, later in his career.

“Stand” by Donny McClurkin, is one of my go to songs when life throws me a really bad thing,  and I can’t forget Beth Hart.

Have you ever heard Beth Hart sing, “I’d Rather Go Blind”?  Love it!  If you have time watch the video at the end of this post.

Instead of listening to talk radio, or all the bad news of the day, I always would listen to my favorite CD’s  on the way to work.  Doing this helped to eliminate stressful feelings of the day ahead of me.

If you don’t have an I-pod or MP3 player, I guess I am mainly speaking to older folks, like me, get one!  Download your favorites, explore new artists, and stick on those ear buds.  Whether you drive to work, walk, ride a bus, or a subway, listen!




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