I have had these little bunnies for years and I thought how cute they would be in small clay pots with grass and some eggs. As you can see in the photo above, adding names made them really sweet table place settings.

Bunny in a small clay pot!

Simple, easy, and so cute on the dinner table.

I already had all the supplies, so nothing to buy.  Micheal’s Crafts does carry the small pots and the raffia type grass i used.

Simple Easter Place SettingI just added grass to the pot and secured with a little hot glue on the bottom and a little on the back of the bunny to secure to the side of the pot.  Using my computer I printed out the names on card stock, cut out with a scalloped paper punch, and glued to a toothpick and then glued to the inside of the pot.  That was it!

Oh, I forgot the eggs, they can be any kind.  I used some small wooden ones that I had but you actually could use foil covered eggs or jellybeans.

It makes all of us feel good to make something creative from our “stash” of supplies.

Hope you can use your “stash” this week before Easter!

Happy Easter Crafting!

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