My name is Marlene, a wife to my husband Jim for over 40 years, and mother of one awesome grown son.  Our home is in West Chester, Ohio.

My son is the one thing I know I have done right in my life.  I thank God for him and the blessed joy he brings to my life every single day.

My blog title “Loving My New Simple Life” tells where I am in my life right now!

After 15 years of working in the corporate world I recently stopped working and have finally found joy in this time of my life.

I truly believe being grateful for who you are and what you have is the first step in finding joy and loving your life.

I am trying new things in my life, this blog is one.  Wish me luck!

I am creative, loving, and tenderhearted, a “wear your heart on your sleeve” type person!

With this blog I will share my love of children’s art projects, since my unfulfilled dream was to be an elementary school art teacher, and my forever love of crayons and paper. I will also share simple recipes, some gift ideas and home projects, with some bits of memories and inspiration now and then.

Life is good for me.

Enjoy and appreciate yours!

“Please let me never forget how rich my wonderful life is right at this moment.  Please let me never forget that all I have is all I need.  Please let me never forget to give thanks.” 

Simple Abundance – Sarah Ban Breathnach





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