Finally, a beautiful day!

In the upper 60’s today and full sunshine.

I have been wanting, once again in my life, to work on “Bubble Art”.

So much fun for kids on a sunny day and a project that will certainly be welcomed this summer.

Bubble Art

Bubble Art

All you need is a bottle of bubbles, with wand, some food coloring, and paper.  I used pastel food colors. but the primary colors would be more vibrant.

Bubble Art!I put around three tablespoons of bubbles, with a few drops of food coloring, in small bowls.  You can experiment with the amounts for the look you want.

Simply blow bubbles on the paper.  As the bubbles pop, they create fascinating works of art.  The designs that you get are really awesome.  The bubbles hit the paper in so many different ways which causes all the many designs.

I used a $1.00 pack of children’s watercolor paper (Target).  It works best and dries faster.

Pick a warm sunny day so the kids can do this outside, since the food coloring stains.

The works of art could be framed, and given as gifts, I used an inexpensive frame from Michael’s Crafts that already came with the mat.

A child's framed "bubble art".You might even have the kids sign the right hand corner of their original artwork before framing for a really special touch.

How proud your kids or grandchildren will be if their artwork is framed and displayed for all to see and enjoy!

You could also use some of the bubble art to make note cards.  I cut the sheets in half and folded over to make the cards, that simple!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATie with ribbon, add some envelopes, and you have another sweet gift using the kid’s artwork.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou could also use any cut off pieces to make gift tags, or bookmarks, again a gift made from your kid’s bubble art.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI stamped sayings on the samples above, but the kids could print something on the tags making them extra special.

This is a kid’s art project, but the fun I had doing this today made me realize that I may never grow up!

Go outside and blow some bubbles and be a kid again!

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