Are you going to a cookout, picnic, or family get together this Memorial Day weekend?

I thought I would share something fun and easy to do that always wows everyone!

A watermelon basket filled with beautiful, colorful, fruit.

Here are the 4 steps that are easy to follow.

How to Carve a Watermelon Basket!Step 1 – Place watermelon width-wise on a flat surface.  Roll melon until it settles into a position where it remains stable or cut a thin slice from the bottom to provide stability.  As shown, use strips of masking tape to mark lines of handle and rim of basket.

How to carve a watermelon basket.Step 2 – With a sharp knife, cut outline of handle, using outside edges of masking tape as a guide.  To make a scallop template, cut out a paper circle with scissors.  (The size of the melon determines the size of the circle.  The watermelon shown is small so the circle used is relatively small.)  Fold circle in half and cut along fold.  Starting on either side of handle, place the straight edge of one paper semicircle on top edge of masking tape that forms rim.  With a sharp pencil, trace a row of scallops along rim, stopping just before reaching ends of melon.  At each end, draw remaining scallop freehand, connecting the gap.

Step 3 – Using a sharp knife, cut into the watermelon along the scalloped pencil lines.  Next, cut a large wedge from the area on both sides of the handle, leaving about an inch above the scalloped rim.  Remove wedge, inserting knife behind the scallops, cut straight down into the melon close to the rind, cutting deep enough to release top part of rim.  Lift and discard.

How to carve a watermelon basket.Step 4 – Remove masking tape.  Scoop out watermelon from rind.  For a fruit basket, add a mixture of fresh fruit combined with watermelon cut into one-inch cubes or melon balls. I have never been able to make the watermelon balls so I always cut into cubes.

The finished look is really awesome.

Happy Holiday weekend, now go wow everyone with your carving talents!



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