Before I stopped working, I held a position as a Quality Manager for an Ohio based company.  The position required that I travel to all of the company’s distribution centers around the country.

I stayed in many hotels, in many cities, and the one thing I noticed with most of the rooms was that they were using white comforters, blankets, and pillows, bringing in color with toss pillows, artwork, lamps, and sometimes a colorful fabric piece placed at the bottom of the bed, or a colorful accent chair.

Comforters, as most of you know, are very expensive, so this is really a good way to change your bedroom decor more often for less money.

I use a white quilt that is machine washable, nothing fancy.  It really works well.

Below are some examples found on, and also found on the Houzz bedroom board on Pinterest.   They have awesome ideas!

Adding color to white.  From Houzz.

Love this one, shown above, a bunch!

Really like the green accent chair.

Notice that they used a pattern bed skirt with matching pillows.

How To Select & Layer Fabric {Selecting Fabric For Pillows}Love the turquoise lamps in this example above!

Pulling the turquoise color from the pattern pillows.

Adding color to white.  From Houzz.

The example above could be a kid’s room, changing colors and patterns, as their interests change.  There are so many wonderful kid’s room pillows, lamps, and wall art out there!

Hobby Lobby has a great selection!  Check it out!

These examples are very beautiful, but really look expensive, you can use this idea in your own bedrooms with the things you can afford.  We all know where to find the bargains,Target, T. J Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and of course, Home Goods.

This is my bed with my cat “Squeeze Box” sharing her hair.  I used the white quilt and added the blue print pillows.

"Squeeze Box"

Try this simple idea, it is fun to put together!

 Maybe it’s time for a change or update to your bedroom!

Happy Decorating!


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