My last visit to the thrift store was so fun.

Take a look at my wonderful finds.

Loved this beautiful, white ironstone covered dish the moment I saw it!

It was tucked away behind a pile of bowls, as if someone was hiding it, or as if it was waiting for that special person to find it, and love it!  Me!

The price $2.00.

I can hardly wait to use it on my Thanksgiving table, filled with mashed potatoes.

Also found these really cute popcorn bowls.

There were four on the shelf, but one was cracked.  Three works great for my family’s popcorn night.

The bowls had a Crate and Barrel print on the bottom, they were 50 cents each.

They are really nice!

You can see that white is my preference for dishes and such, I just love the simplicity.

This set of four small bowls are the perfect size for my husband’s most asked for treat, ice cream.

The bigger the bowl, the more ice cream it takes to fill, less is better at this time in our lives.

Jim’s favorite ice cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.  Yummy!

Perfect condition, 50 cents each.

The last item I want to share, surprisingly, is not white.

When I saw this candy cane striped container, I knew it would be perfect as an inexpensive gift for a neighbor or co-worker, filled with Christmas cookies in a cellophane bag, tied with a red ribbon. The container was 25 cents.

I am always on the lookout for Christmas plates or containers for holiday cookie or candy giving.

After the goodies are gone, there is a Christmas keepsake, or maybe the gifted person can reuse, fill up, and give to someone else the next year.

All my items for the day’s visit, $6.00.

Years ago I would never think of going to a thrift store.  I suppose I thought things were all dirty and junky.

Not so!

Everything I buy can be cleaned and scrubbed, usually in nearly perfect condition.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing my finds as much as I loved bringing them home.

Over the years, especially as we grow older, many of our serving items are chipped from use, the thrift store can be the place to replace needed items for a very low price.

Silly, and I know a bit crazy, but I often wonder why folks give away their things.

Unwanted things, that now have a new home.

I know you all are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, so thanks for visiting my post today.

See ya all next time!




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