I spent my entire day outside in my yard.

There really is something so peaceful about working in the dirt with plants.

Old Garden GlovesMy garden gloves look as tired as I am right now!

I potted flowers today, some are really beautiful.  Take a look!

Air FernThis is a fern, so light and airy, in fact it is called an “air fern”.

DahliaThis is a larger variety of dahlia.  So beautiful!

Hoya PlantThis is an indoor plant called Hoya. I have brought it outside now that the weather is warm.  I pampered it all winter.  I can see it loves the warm weather as much as I do!  It is really growing.

Flowering Shrub This is a flowering bush that has been in my yard for years.  Sorry, I do not know the name.

Vinca VineThis is a vinca vine.  It comes back and multiplies every year.  I love the variegated look.

RhododendronsMy rhododendrons are blooming, so happy that they made it through the really harsh winter.

GeraniumAnd finally geraniums, I potted many today, to put here and there.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll around my yard.

Time for this old lady to get a shower and a nap!

See you all tomorrow!  Be happy, and get outside if you can.

When I write in my journal tonight I will write how thankful I am for this fun working day!


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