Do you all remember Lucy’s psychiatric help booth?

Love the “Peanuts”!

So cute!

Well, I have always wanted to be an elementary school art teacher, so when I post a kid’s art project, it will show as the “Wannabe Art Teacher is “in”!

Silly, but cute to me!

Lot’s of summer left for our kids and grandchildren, so I have an art project to help them show their creativity.

"30 days of drawings" “30 days of Drawings”

I typed out a list of 30 things to draw, printed them from my home printer on colored card stock paper, and used my circle punch to cut each one out.

You can do several things with the colorful circles. Above I glued them to a piece of poster board, and to add some extra fun to the project I used arrows, dots, and squiggly things to lead the child to the next day drawing instruction.

"30 days of drawings"

If you didn’t want to use the poster board idea, you could place the colorful circles in a jar, or as shown below I used a little plastic bucket.  Having the child pick a circle out for each day.

"30 days of drawings" Another idea would be to glue the circles to each page of a small tablet.

Below I used a $1.00 tablet from Michael’s.  It has a cute summer theme and also has a magnet on the back to place on your frig door.

"30 days of drawings" If you do not want to print out the things to draw on card stock, using your printer, you could buy a small pack of colorful post-it notes, hand print, and place them on the poster board or tablet.

"30 days of drawings"

I used simple things to draw.  Many were summer related items such as a piece of watermelon, an ice cream cone, fireworks, hot dogs, etc.

I believe kids need to get away from TV, electronic games, and tablets, be creative, and also read every single day during the summer.

Hope my idea becomes yours.

It was so much fun to put together.


Love to all, especially the kids!




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