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The Old Desk Drawer

Don’t mean to bore you all with something I have mentioned many times before, but I love school things, especially vintage ones.

Did not necessarily like school, but loved all the things that go with school, paper, crayons, pencils, and such.

I always wanted to be an elementary art school teacher.  I know, I have mentioned that before too!

God must have had other plans for my life, since it did not happen.  Maybe I just didn’t try to make it happen!  We all need to help ourselves with dreams, I think I gave up on mine!

I knew the first time I saw this old desk drawer, on the floor at the flea market, that it would come to life again, as a chalkboard!

It did!

The wood is quite nice, I loved the warm color.  It reminded me of the large wood framed chalkboards in classrooms when growing up, I can close my eyes and see them!

When I think of my early school days, I can almost smell the cute jar of paste with the little brush attached.  Remember?

I just cleaned the old drawer a bit, and painted the inside with chalkboard paint, that was it!

It has found a place in my creative work area, it is really a special piece, I love it!!

Thanks for letting me share this project with you.

I wonder what happened to the rest of the desk?

Love to all, don’t give up on your dreams!


DIY Buffalo Check Tray

Oh my gosh, I am so finished with winter.

We have gone through snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, lasting for weeks.


This weather has been horrible, a birthday spoiler, a cabin fever maker, a junk food eating enabler!

I did manage to pull myself away from our warm fire to work on a few projects, and also to have a bit of much needed alone time.  Love my husband bunches, but being together all day, everyday, for weeks, is difficult at times!

It only took one simple completed project, to get me feeling so much better.

You all know I love trays, and another favorite of mine is buffalo check things, especially black and white.

Using, of course, a thrift store frame, a small piece of leftover wrapping paper, and some Hobby Lobby handles, all that I needed to create and complete.

The first step was taking the frame apart and giving it a thorough cleaning, inside and out.  It was in new condition, so I did not need to paint the frame.

I did sand the edges, all around, so it did not seem so perfect, and added a bit of stain to my sanding.

The buffalo check paper was cut to the size of the inside mat, and a bit of glue added to secure.

Added the galvanized handles with some shallow screws from the inside, reassembled, and my project was complete!

Love the way it turned out, it really is as “farmhouse chic” as any tray I have seen in stores and online.

I really love the farmhouse look, so popular now, wish I lived in a small farmhouse home somewhere wonderful!

Trays can be used in so many ways, love it on my wicker chest at the foot of our bed.

Less than $5 to complete.

One step, one project, I feel better now, ready to move on to other fun creative things!

It is really true, that just taking that first step, can be the beginning of changing any part of our lives needing a push of encouragement.

Now maybe I can use my own words to encourage myself to get on that much needed treadmill!

The sun just came out, around 49 degrees today, “Oh Happy Day”!

Love you all!



Thrift Store Treasures

My last visit to the thrift store was so fun.

Take a look at my wonderful finds.

Loved this beautiful, white ironstone covered dish the moment I saw it!

It was tucked away behind a pile of bowls, as if someone was hiding it, or as if it was waiting for that special person to find it, and love it!  Me!

The price $2.00.

I can hardly wait to use it on my Thanksgiving table, filled with mashed potatoes.

Also found these really cute popcorn bowls.

There were four on the shelf, but one was cracked.  Three works great for my family’s popcorn night.

The bowls had a Crate and Barrel print on the bottom, they were 50 cents each.

They are really nice!

You can see that white is my preference for dishes and such, I just love the simplicity.

This set of four small bowls are the perfect size for my husband’s most asked for treat, ice cream.

The bigger the bowl, the more ice cream it takes to fill, less is better at this time in our lives.

Jim’s favorite ice cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.  Yummy!

Perfect condition, 50 cents each.

The last item I want to share, surprisingly, is not white.

When I saw this candy cane striped container, I knew it would be perfect as an inexpensive gift for a neighbor or co-worker, filled with Christmas cookies in a cellophane bag, tied with a red ribbon. The container was 25 cents.

I am always on the lookout for Christmas plates or containers for holiday cookie or candy giving.

After the goodies are gone, there is a Christmas keepsake, or maybe the gifted person can reuse, fill up, and give to someone else the next year.

All my items for the day’s visit, $6.00.

Years ago I would never think of going to a thrift store.  I suppose I thought things were all dirty and junky.

Not so!

Everything I buy can be cleaned and scrubbed, usually in nearly perfect condition.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing my finds as much as I loved bringing them home.

Over the years, especially as we grow older, many of our serving items are chipped from use, the thrift store can be the place to replace needed items for a very low price.

Silly, and I know a bit crazy, but I often wonder why folks give away their things.

Unwanted things, that now have a new home.

I know you all are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, so thanks for visiting my post today.

See ya all next time!




My Tin Can Pumpkin

Recently I posted about my trip to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

The one item I really wanted to buy was an old galvanized oil can with a pumpkin face.  Loved it, but it was priced at $68.95!  I could not justify spending that amount.  I tried to, but no!

Could not get it off my mind, so when I saw this old rusted can at the flea market for $9.50, I started thinking.

The old can was a beautiful rusty orange, perfect for a pumpkin face. I put it in my cart, it was mine!

I did not want to paint a face on my can, and I had no way to cut out a face, so I simply used a magnetic sheet I found at Michael’s, cut out the face with scissors, and placed on my can.

It was perfect!

God must have blessed my flea market trip for me to be able to find the perfect can for this project, and the fact that it was a rusty orange color was a bonus blessing.

Not sure of just where my tin can pumpkin will eventually end up, maybe near the front door with the mums and real pumpkins.

But our back porch area might be the best place.

I can enjoy “him” from my kitchen window throughout the day, and when I sit having my coffee.

Hope you all had a beautiful fall weekend.

Our weather in Ohio has been wonderful, cool mornings, and warm afternoons.

Blessings to all today, blessings great and even small ones like finding just the right tin can!

Fixer Upper Footstool

I am not a person to sit all day, I feel guilty, as if I am wasting the time in my life.

Of course, I do sit and read with my morning coffee, but most of the rest of my day I am working on projects or doing the things needed to care for a home and family.

When my brother-in-law retired he said to me, “I work half of the day, and I rest half of the day”.  I like that, and always remember his words.

I found this footstool at the thrift store, it fits into my plan to try to take my thrift store finds to the next level.

A larger piece for me, but so easy to fix up with really nice results.

It actually appeared to be an old piece by the older type brackets and the very hard wood.

Cleaned the piece inside and out, sanded just a bit, touched up with a light coat of stain.

My original plan was to paint the stool, but after cleaning the wood, I could not justify covering it up, it was quite beautiful.

The fun part of the project for me was finding a colorful print fabric to cover the top.

Surprisingly, the top was easy to cover, a first for me.  I love first time things at my age!

Worried a bit about the corners when covering, but it looks nice.

I am so pleased with my efforts.

Cleaned, sanded, stained, covered. Boom, finished!

Love it, love looking at my accomplishment when I rest my feet.

As I have mentioned before, finding inexpensive treasures to fix up, those things someone no longer wanted, makes me happy!

We all have things we do in our spare time to relax, this is mine.

Hope you all have happy things that fill your days, things that give your life peace, and relaxation.

Till next time!






A Tray for “Puss Face”

“Puss Face” is the name of our little cat.

A silly name my husband calls our kitty which is beginning to stick.  So cute!

We adopted her after our last two cats were killed by coyotes.  It is still so painful for us to believe such a horrible thing happened.  Needless to say, kitty never goes outside.

Puss Face is always so thirsty.  I keep a large bowl of water in the kitchen, but for some reason, someone is always running into her bowl and spilling her water, and of course, we all step in it!

I found an ugly tin tray at the thrift store for next to nothing, decided it would be perfect for kitty’s water bowl.

Just spray painted it flat black, no big fuss, and bought a large new enamel water bowl.

So now, kitty has her own chic, black and white water station!  Silly?  I know, but fun just the same.  Gotta have fun in life!

I also made Puss Face a cute tin for her “treats”.  Just a bit of paint and some stick-on letters added to a small tin can, that was it!

Puss Face is happy, me too!  No more water on the floor, just in the tray.

Special love to all you pet owners. They give us such unconditional love.

See ya all next time.


Adding Whimsy To My Yard

Whimsy is defined as, “playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor”.

Add whimsy to your life when you can, it’s happy stuff!

That is what I did this past Saturday, I added some whimsy to my yard!

No need to go into much detail for this fun project.

I purchased two unfinished decorative dowels at Home Depot, sanded and painted.

Selected a small birdhouse from my garage stash of unfinished wood items, and again sanded and painted. Small birdhouses can be found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Added extra whimsy to the birdhouse by attaching an old knob.

Nestled the birdhouse in my vinca vines for just the perfect spot.

For the birdbath, I simply added a rescued tin pan from the thrift store to the top of one of the dowels.

I pounded the dowels into the ground first, and then using E6000 glue attached the birdhouse and tin pan.

Love the color of the birdbath dowel and the contrast with the old tin pan.

This was just a simple, one day project, that has added a colorful, delightfully friendly, and of course, whimsical touch to my yard that I will enjoy the rest of the summer.

They make my heart smile.

As the week goes on add some “whimsy” to your days, giggle, laugh at yourself and by yourself, wear some color, be yourself when no one else is looking, let your heart smile.

Love and “whimsy” thoughts to all!


Splish Splash!

We recently painted our upstairs bathroom and vanity in shades of gray.

Gray seems to be a popular neutral color these days.

I have been looking for wall items for months.  Surprisingly, it has been very difficult for me to find something I like that doesn’t say “flush, brush, floss”.

Just not for me, so I made a pretty cute one myself!

It is words from an “old school” song,“Splish Splash”, recorded by Bobby Darin, from years ago when I was a teenager.

Lots of folks use “old school”, so I suppose using those words with music, reflects your age.  Yikes!

It cost me next to nothing to put this together.  I used a thrift store frame that I cleaned, painted black, and finished up by printing out the words, using a “whimsy” font.

Pretty simple!

Fits great between the towel rack and mirror, perfect size.

What’s so fun is that when you read the sign, and know the song, you can’t stop humming it!

Fun for guests to read too!

Hope the week ahead is a blessed one for all!

For those of you who aren’t from my “old school” era, the song is below!

Frames to Trays

Hello, happy Monday!

Today I want to share a really easy, creative, DIY, thrift store flip, turning old picture frames into trays for your home and entertaining.

This first tray, was a beat-up wood frame that I sanded, painted black, added some cute watermelon wrapping paper under the glass, and some simple handles.

Really cute for summer, so colorful, so whimsy.

I love whimsy!

The second tray is quite different.

Forgot to take a before photo, but it was all wood, with a picture decoupaged on one side.

Removed the picture, cleaned up the wood, and sanded both sides.

I stained one side of the wood insert, and I decided to paint the other side with chalkboard paint.

Added some really nice handles, and I was finished.

This frame was a really unique thrift store find, that was turned into a one of a kind tray.

The fact that it now has a reversible insert is amazing.

Turning frames into trays is so simple.

Next visit, or maybe your first thrift store visit, take a look at all the inexpensive frames, some are new, and try creating a tray.

Endless possibilities using paper, fabric, or even photos under the glass, a little paint, and some wonderful handles.  Hobby Lobby has an entire row of handles and knobs.


Have a creative week, love to everyone!

Musical Note Plates

One of my nieces introduced me to a wonderful antique mall and flea market.  She and her husband have a booth in the mall selling vintage toys.

It is a really large mall and takes hours to get through the hundreds of booths.

It’s heaven!

On my last visit I found these unique, fun, dessert, salad size plates.

Aren’t they great?  I have never run across any like these before.

There were only 6 in the set, but enough for any small party or celebration. Can be used for dessert, or as side plates on a table setting for accent pieces.

The black and white will go with so many other colored plates and napkins.

Finding items like these fun plates is really why I love antique malls and flea markets. You really never know what you will run across.  They were inexpensive, but now very valuable to me!

If I see that I have a free day I try to visit the mall.

When I tell my husband that I am going, it’s sweet how he says,”take your time, enjoy yourself”.  Maybe it’s “music” to his ears!  Alone time?

I cannot read music but I am sure the notes on these plates has to be “Happy Birthday to You”!

Don’t you think?

Hope your day is filled with beautiful music and love!