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Filling My $2 Basket

Every morning before the sun is too hot I have been working in my yard, potting, planting, weeding, just enjoying the alone time.

So much yet to do, but no complaining.  My home is my happy place, my place just “to be”!

I found this twiggy basket at the thrift store and immediately knew what it could “be”!

The $2 tag was hard to pass up.

I lined the inside with an inexpensive foil pan, poked holes in the bottom for drainage, and filled it with garden soil, geraniums, and vinca vines.

To finish up I added more soil to cover the foil pan.

The thick twig handle is what I noticed first and sold me on this basket.

The pink and white geraniums are so beautiful and I knew that this basket would be just a lovely welcome on my tiny front porch. On my trips to visit my brother in New York City, I loved all the small shops that sold flowers, the ones that lined the fronts of their stores with pots and baskets of plants and flowers.  No doubt my $2 basket could be displayed perfectly in front of any lovely, sweet, flower shop.

New York, NY: flower shop

Have a lovely Friday, hope you “fill” your day with joy and love!


Repurposed Plant Stands

I’m “loving my new simple” passion of repurposing discarded items.

Breathing new life into old, forgotten objects.

It is amazing how fun and rewarding it can be to turn something someone no longer wanted into an amazing repurposed or the word I really like to use is reloved item.  Yes, there is such a word!

Found these old, dirty, rusted, plant stands at the thrift store for $2 each.  My thought at the time was to use them on my back porch.  They have been stored in my garage for months.

When planning my niece’s bridal shower I was concerned about side tables for drinks during lunch and playing games.  Buying new tables was out of the question, I simply could not afford anything new.  I searched online but any I found, goldtone, were at least $100.  Too much!

I thought of my plant stands in the garage.  Cleaned and sanded both, spray painted with my favorite gold paint, and I was so pleased with the outcome.

The gold paint added a bit of formal to the stands and the hairpin legs are so popular right now on many tables.

To complete the stands, I purchased two clear glass plates which fit perfectly into the top.

When not using as side tables, I will use for my plants in the living room area.

Hope you all have a great weekend, why not find something to relove!

Enjoy everything fun and loving in your life!



Simple Kitchen Message Board

Saturday was another really dreary day, no sun at all!

I need sunshine!

Decided to make my own “sunshine on a cloudy day” by working on a fun “find it, fix it” project.

A simple message board for my small kitchen.

Found this piece at a community church yard sale some time ago, broken, and missing a section, but I saw potential.

By simply adding a fresh coat of chalkboard paint to the top piece, and a new cork piece, most of the project was completed.

There were many options I could have used for the missing piece on the lower area, adding a small shelf, a wire basket, but eventually decided on just adding a smaller piece of wood, painted, with knobs, hooks, and a large wooden paper clip to hold my post it notes.

The folks at my Home Depot cut the piece of wood I needed.  They will make simple straight cuts for you when you purchase wood at their stores, which is so awesome!

So very pleased with the outcome of my “find it, fix it”.

We all need places to pin things, recipes, notes, reminders, and even a sweet photo to spark a bit of joy to our hearts when noticed during our busy days.

Hope you have ways of adding your own “sunshine on a cloudy day”!

Sometimes simple ways of adding “sunshine” are the best.

Have you ever just stopped what you are doing, grabbed a notepad, and begin writing down all the things, at that moment, you have that add “sunshine” to your life.

Try it!

It works!

Love to all.


Flea Market Flips

My new must watch TV is a show on HG TV called “Flea Market Flip”.

Two teams shop flea markets to find three items to fix up and flip (resell) for profit.  The team with the most net profit at the end wins $5000.  The flips are amazing!

I started to visit my local flea markets and thrift stores just to see what was possible for me as a beginner.

Today I am sharing my first find, and simple fix up!

A candle sconce, with simple lines, that is now a gold and beautiful addition to my home.

This is how it looked when I purchased it for 50 cents. Dust and dirt in every corner with slight scratches here and there.







I cleaned it up and simply spray painted with my favorite gold paint.

I added a battery operated candle to complete, adding some warmth to the item.

A bunch of options for this 50 cent find, hang it in a corner, place on my dining room table, or on my desk.















Allowing myself to be a beginner I started small, but small flips first, building on each project.

I found this light fixture for sale on Overstock.com, maybe as I grow as a flipper I would have this vision for my candle sconce!

La Pedriza Antique Black Finish Glass Chandelier

Turn it upside down and add the lighting works!

Somewhere I read that for a happy life you need three things, someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to!

I have folks to love, and now finding and fixing up items is my new something to do and to look forward to!

Have a happy day!

DIY Scrap Wood Open Shelving

DIY Open ShelvingMy TV passion right now is watching “Fixer Upper” on the Home and Garden TV channel.  The show features a husband and wife (Chip and Joanna Gaines), who live in Waco, Texas, on a restored farmhouse.  They are so cute together and the show is delightful.  Each episode of the show highlights how they restore fixer upper homes for other folks within their budget.  It is amazing what they can do.

Joanna’s style tends to include antique pieces, industrial items, and of course farmhouse, especially open shelving, featured in most of the kitchens she designs.

My kitchen is old, small, and nothing expensive about it, no granite countertops or fancy backsplash.  Recently, I did paint it a nice gray and we do have fairly new stainless appliances.  Not much money for anything else, but for now I wanted to share a fun DIY project, spending less than $20.

It’s my little bit of farmhouse style using scrap wood.

Kitchen Shelving Project

Now that it is completed, I have a bit of farmhouse open shelving on a small wall in my kitchen.  I really love the look and that it also allows me to display some of my white dishes, bowls, and pitchers.

The wood was a scrap piece I found in my garage, a 2″ x 8″.  I had it cut into two pieces, sanded, and stained with Mimwax, Special Walnut.  Purchased the brackets at Home Depot for $5 each.  That was it!

Open ShelvingA DIY project like this brings me joy, it is simple, clean looking, inexpensive, and so fun to put together.

Something I always try to remember about my home, “all that I have, is all that I need”.

I have a sweet home, filled with all the things I cherish, and blessed with love and laughter.

Blessings to all!






Thank You Pottery Barn!

I have talked about my garage in other posts and how I am determined to have it all cleaned out and organized by the time the cold weather arrives.  Small steps every week to the finish line!

The process I am using is one most folks use when trying to get organized.  I say to myself should I……………..

Keep it!

Donate it!

Trash it!

I tend to want to donate most things, but now that I am not working I do have more time to recycle.

Here is the latest find.

Basket SetThis is a set of six small baskets which fit into a thick wire base.  Years ago when I purchased this I think I used it in a bathroom.  Like most things I suppose something else replaced it and it ended up in the garage, like everything else.

I love Pottery Barn, it is one of my favorite stores, cannot afford most things they offer, but I love to look!  In the latest catalog they sent to me I really loved the basket storage ideas shown below.

Pottery BarnPottery Barn 2Adding tags, and numbers, to small baskets used for storage, definitely the Pottery Barn look!

Sooooo…………I decided to try and give that look to my garage found basket unit.

– Gave the base unit a fresh coat of black paint.

– Cleaned all the baskets.

– Bought some black tags with jute ties.

– Printed out numbers on my PC with cream colored paper and simply attached to the tags.

IMG_0161[1]It didn’t take much of my time, and the cost was minimal.

Here’s my recycled Pottery Barn look alike…….


It will work out great as a catchall in my work area for post it notes, push pins, paper clips, etc.

Love it!

Thank you Pottery Barn!

See you all tomorrow, have a great Friday!



Peace and Quiet Place

Really enjoy my stress free days now that I have stopped working.

I worked for a while in my garage today, and also out in my yard trimming and taking care of all my plants and flowers.  My daisies are in bloom!

IMG_0031[1]I shared my project of updating my “crooked little back porch” a couple of weeks ago, but never took it to completion, so I thought today I would finish.

This is the photo of the area that needed something else!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI moved an old small table and chairs from my barn to the porch, touched up with some white paint, and as you can see it works!

IMG_0040[1]Added some bright green pillows which helped to pull all the colors together.

IMG_0041[1]So very pleased with the entire update.

I love the time I spend on my porch, it is my peace and quiet place.

Back Porch with Blackie“Blackie” is always there with me!

Added some other little things too!

Found this colorful plate at Pier One on the sale table.  It added a special touch to my small table between our chairs.

Plate from Pier One

Below you can see that I made some coasters from clay pot saucers.  Hobby Lobby offers 6 for $2.99, but I used my 40% off coupon, for an additional $1.20 off!  I used hot glue to add some cork to the inside, that was it!  The terracotta matches the brick.

Terracotta Coasters

These coasters would make a great “thank you” gift for the hostess of an outdoor gathering.

Just one more thing to share, this silly, but useful watering jug.  I made it from an empty jug that held spring water.  I loved the blue handle and didn’t want to just pitch it!  All I needed to do was to poke holes in the lid with a nail and hammer.

Watering JugHope you all enjoyed seeing my completed “crooked little back porch” project.

Fun to put together with very little money, and using things I already had.

I wish peaceful days to all of you!

See ya tomorrow!





Italian Margaritas

Added a small table and two chairs to my back porch and I was thrilled when I found a colorful tray for $3.99 at Michael’s at 80% off the original price.

The colors are perfect, bright blue and also the bright green color of my pillows.

The tray matches some summer Margarita glasses that I already had.

Bright green and blue tray and glasses.

The glasses reminded me of one of my favorite adult drinks, Italian Margaritas.

They are a twist on the regular Margarita by adding a shot of Amaretto to the mix.

You can add salt to the glass edge or sugar.  To get the salt to stick to the glasses you first need to moisten the rim with lime juice, and then swirl glass rim in the salt.

I found that the best Margarita mix, which already has the alcohol in it, is the soft packages sold by Daily’s.  I have tried other mixes but this is by far the best.

IMG_0012[1] You can freeze the packs for frozen drinks, or just serve on the rocks.

Love the addition of the small table and chairs to the porch,.

Love my new inexpensive colorful tray.

Love Italian Margaritas, and I love all of you!

Happy Summer!



My Crooked Little Porch!

This past week I have been working on sprucing up my back porch.

The years have not been so kind to my little porch, it’s a little crooked from age, and wear and tear, but I love it just the same.

I started with the floor.

The stain had faded a bunch since the last application, several years ago.


Back Porch Makeover!


Back Porch Makeover!

I used the same Olympic solid stain that is on the front and trim of our house, chocolate brown.

We have some outdoor furniture, two chairs, both with ottomans, that are in very good condition. The cushions for the chairs, are tan, and also in good shape, but some color was definitely need.

Found some print toss pillows at Home Goods, with a little terracotta, blue, brown, and bright green.

The terracotta color blended well with the brick wall.

I really love pillows, so I added some bright green ones as well.

Bright colorful pillows for outdoor furniture.

A rusted table, sprayed painted dark brown.  New again!Added two small tables, both as a result of my on going garage cleaning.

They were rusted, so I sanded, and spray painted, one brown, and the other a bright green.

Garage sale items, painted, and made new again!

The brown one fit between the chairs, and the green one was the perfect size for my Hoya plant.

Feels so good to use things that you were going to trash.

They really turned out great!

The sun shines on our little crooked porch quite a bit, especially in the mornings, so we bought an inexpensive roll up, tan, bamboo type shade.  We are very pleased with it, we not only get shade, but some privacy from our neighbors.

Back porch makeover!  Added a citronella candle in a bright green tin, and an ivy plant.

So that takes care of one half of the porch, but there is still room for something more!

Back porch makeover in stages, maybe a small table and chairs is needed!

Maybe a small table next to the railing would complete our little space.

That will be the project for next week!

A colorful back Porch quiet place.

Everyone should have a special place to sit, with a comfortable chair, hopefully by a window, if not outside, to read, pray, write special things, enjoy some coffee, and sometimes music, as I do every morning.

It’s a simple pleasure that adds to life.

If you don’t have a crooked little porch, find a private spot in your home, or apartment, make it yours, and enjoy the time you spend there!

Love to all!



Organizing with Poppies!

Last month I shared my project of sorting through stacks of old magazines.

I sorted and clipped out articles, ideas, recipes, and beautiful photos that I loved.

Now, instead of having the stacks of magazines I have this………OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

.. a stack of clippings!

I have many gift cards that were given to me when I stopped working and also at Christmas time.  I guess it must be hard for people to buy things for me, so I receive lots of gift cards.

They sure come in handy when you are on a budget and find something that you would like to have but can’t justify buying.

I found these “Poppy” binders, file folders, and dividers at Target and I used one of my gift cards to buy them.  It felt like they were free!

Poppy binders from Target.

Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, so I knew I had to have them, and as it turned out they were just what I needed to organize my many magazine clippings.

Poppy binders and dividers.

They are so bright, with the dots and stripes, that match the poppy colors.

Just love them!

I purchased some clear sheet protectors, and also a coordinating small locking pouch divider to hold smaller items.  The small organizer is perfect for holding photos.

Poppy binders and photo storage items.

I started the process of sorting and deciding what categories I wanted to place each clipping under, and placed each one in a sheet protector.

Made labels for each category divider.  I based many of the categories on by blog interests and also my Pinterest boards.

Poppy dividers.

Worked on the stack for a number of nights while watching TV.

I am now up to date organizing, but there are many magazines left to page through and clip.

Just needed one binder for now, but down the road I knew I would need another one which is why I purchased both. It would be hard for me to pick one over the other anyway!

This way of organizing could be used for children’s art work, or maybe just for the many recipes we all accumulate and can never find.

Now that I have the clippings organized, as I page through the binder, I feel like I have one awesome magazine made just for me, featuring all the simple things I love.

Hope you all love this idea as much as I do.

Simple things like this bring me joy!