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For the next 31 days I will post on what “Loving My New Simple Life” is all about!

Why now, during this last part of my life, am I finding consistent love and joy every single day.  Eliminating the stress and the pressures of the things in life that bring all of us to our knees.

I will share some of the sad times of my life, that I now see could have been avoided.

So much of my life has been wasted.  I will never get that time back, but I just have to move on and enjoy the time I have left, and I am grateful for that!  It is never too late!

This does not mean that I have never been happy or experienced any joy throughout my life.  The most joyful time was giving birth to my now grown son.  How I love him and thank my Lord for him every single day.  He is the one thing I know I have done right.  Jim is such a wonderful human being.  The one “well done” in my life.

I am not a real “writer”, but I will do my best to express my journey in hopes that some will understand and not waste the time on this earth that God has given each one of us.

Hope you will stop by during the next 31 days and spend a few minutes with me!

I have added “31 days” to my menu running across the top of the page, just click on that, and you will be taken to each day’s post.

Love to all!