Although the mornings are chilly I see signs of spring.

Days are getting longer, there are buds on the trees, the birds are getting loud, and the grass is getting green.


I am so thankful for these signs and that feeling of a new beginning spring brings.

IMG_0342[1]I searched my garage for my forsythia wreath and cleaned off the winter dirt and dust that had accumulated on my front door.  Much better!

Today was 68 so for the first time this season I opened a window or two!  The air was so fresh and the sun shining in was so warm.

IMG_0337[1]“Kitten” loved the sun and spent most of her day just sitting on the bedroom window seat enjoying the beginnings of spring.

Spring is a time to freshen things up!  I remember my mom always doing what she called “spring cleaning”.  She would scrub and clean everything even the walls.  My mom loved a clean home.  We did not have money for much growing up, and mom could not afford new furniture and such, but she always took care of what we had.

I still remember how wonderful it felt to come home from school to a clean house and to my mom who was always there waiting for us.

Throw open the windows, air everything out, it’s spring!

Hope you all enjoy this “new beginning” season.



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