Last month I shared my project of sorting through stacks of old magazines.

I sorted and clipped out articles, ideas, recipes, and beautiful photos that I loved.

Now, instead of having the stacks of magazines I have this………OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

.. a stack of clippings!

I have many gift cards that were given to me when I stopped working and also at Christmas time.  I guess it must be hard for people to buy things for me, so I receive lots of gift cards.

They sure come in handy when you are on a budget and find something that you would like to have but can’t justify buying.

I found these “Poppy” binders, file folders, and dividers at Target and I used one of my gift cards to buy them.  It felt like they were free!

Poppy binders from Target.

Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, so I knew I had to have them, and as it turned out they were just what I needed to organize my many magazine clippings.

Poppy binders and dividers.

They are so bright, with the dots and stripes, that match the poppy colors.

Just love them!

I purchased some clear sheet protectors, and also a coordinating small locking pouch divider to hold smaller items.  The small organizer is perfect for holding photos.

Poppy binders and photo storage items.

I started the process of sorting and deciding what categories I wanted to place each clipping under, and placed each one in a sheet protector.

Made labels for each category divider.  I based many of the categories on by blog interests and also my Pinterest boards.

Poppy dividers.

Worked on the stack for a number of nights while watching TV.

I am now up to date organizing, but there are many magazines left to page through and clip.

Just needed one binder for now, but down the road I knew I would need another one which is why I purchased both. It would be hard for me to pick one over the other anyway!

This way of organizing could be used for children’s art work, or maybe just for the many recipes we all accumulate and can never find.

Now that I have the clippings organized, as I page through the binder, I feel like I have one awesome magazine made just for me, featuring all the simple things I love.

Hope you all love this idea as much as I do.

Simple things like this bring me joy!



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