My linen closet is so very small and always such a mess.

Every single time I open the door, something falls out!

Today I thought I would share the process of this two day organizing project.

Love the way the small closet now looks.  Everything necessary has a place.

The fact that it is so small was the major problem, so sorting and eliminating, was my first step. Unnecessary items had to go!

Really incredible how much I found that just did not belong in a linen closet, how the heck does that happen!

I found other places for many of the blankets and sheets that took up so much space. A wicker chest at the bottom of our bed, and a drawer in our spare bedroom were perfect.

Once I sorted, I cleaned and painted the inside, vacuumed, shined up the tiny space a bit.  The space is dark, so I used the same white paint color.

Gathered every container I could find, baskets, jars, and some wire items, to establish order.

I found these cute foamy stick on letters at Hobby Lobby, they added a bit of fun to the glass jars I decided to use in the organization of items.  Really love the look!

Wanted to make it easy for my family to find and pick necessary items.

Added some wicker containers to the bottom of the closet to hold the many toss pillow covers I have, also cloth napkins.

So now, everything has a place, items are easy to see and find, tissue, Kleenex, soaps, towels, wash cloths.

Sorting, cleaning, establishing order using containers, finding a place for everything, the musts for this project.

Now let’s see if we can sustain the order and keep it this way!

Happiness is…….eliminating clutter and finding order.

Love you all a bunch!

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