This past week I have been working on sprucing up my back porch.

The years have not been so kind to my little porch, it’s a little crooked from age, and wear and tear, but I love it just the same.

I started with the floor.

The stain had faded a bunch since the last application, several years ago.


Back Porch Makeover!


Back Porch Makeover!

I used the same Olympic solid stain that is on the front and trim of our house, chocolate brown.

We have some outdoor furniture, two chairs, both with ottomans, that are in very good condition. The cushions for the chairs, are tan, and also in good shape, but some color was definitely need.

Found some print toss pillows at Home Goods, with a little terracotta, blue, brown, and bright green.

The terracotta color blended well with the brick wall.

I really love pillows, so I added some bright green ones as well.

Bright colorful pillows for outdoor furniture.

A rusted table, sprayed painted dark brown.  New again!Added two small tables, both as a result of my on going garage cleaning.

They were rusted, so I sanded, and spray painted, one brown, and the other a bright green.

Garage sale items, painted, and made new again!

The brown one fit between the chairs, and the green one was the perfect size for my Hoya plant.

Feels so good to use things that you were going to trash.

They really turned out great!

The sun shines on our little crooked porch quite a bit, especially in the mornings, so we bought an inexpensive roll up, tan, bamboo type shade.  We are very pleased with it, we not only get shade, but some privacy from our neighbors.

Back porch makeover!  Added a citronella candle in a bright green tin, and an ivy plant.

So that takes care of one half of the porch, but there is still room for something more!

Back porch makeover in stages, maybe a small table and chairs is needed!

Maybe a small table next to the railing would complete our little space.

That will be the project for next week!

A colorful back Porch quiet place.

Everyone should have a special place to sit, with a comfortable chair, hopefully by a window, if not outside, to read, pray, write special things, enjoy some coffee, and sometimes music, as I do every morning.

It’s a simple pleasure that adds to life.

If you don’t have a crooked little porch, find a private spot in your home, or apartment, make it yours, and enjoy the time you spend there!

Love to all!



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