Here they are,

My cat "Squeeze Box"!This is “Squeeze Box”

I adopted her one day when I was just looking around at Petsmart. 

All I did was to walk past her.

She was sitting up, staring at me from her small cage.

It was love at first sight.  I took her home 4 years ago.

"Kitten"This is “Kitten”

A friend begged me to take this sweet, petite cat home with me.

At the time she was a kitten living in a barn.

She was alone, all her brothers and sisters had been killed.

How could I say “no”.

"Blackie"This is “Blackie”

She is a stray, I am not sure why someone decided not to love her, and to leave her, but she is mine now!

She lives on the back porch most of the year, I did manage to bring her in during the winter and put her in the basement.

She has always lived outdoors. She doesn’t trust everyone, but she does seem to love me.

I love all three of my sweet cats, but I really hate the hair that goes along with having pets.

Today I want to share a new hair remover brush that I purchased.

It is fantastic!

It is called “Evriholder Fur Remover Pet Hair Brush”.

I have had many brushes before, but this really works.

It takes the hair off my sofa and chairs very fast.

It only cost $7.00 on Amazon.

It is a rubber type material.

"Evriholder Fur Remover Pet Hair Brush"  It really works!

If you have a pet, you know that we put up with a bunch of things as owners,  but they are worth it!

They are truly one of the “happies” in our lives.

Unconditional love!

See you all tomorrow.

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