Folks can be so hurtful, or are they just unaware of what they have done?  Regardless, today was my day to “let it go”.

Such a gorgeous morning, so I pulled out my little box of watercolors, and I headed to my quiet place, my back porch.

WatercolorsTrying to express my feelings I painted this sweet artwork.

I know it is not a Van Gogh, but it is special because it was painted by “me”.

"Let it Go"!

So that we can be happy and find peace and joy in our lives, we need to sometimes just let go of the things that cause us so much pain and unhappiness.  Many times these are things that are out of our control.

Forgive and “let it go”.

The sadness and hurt I have felt this past week from some I love is over.

We are all made in different ways, some more sensitive than others.

After prayers and quiet reflection I realize that my problem most of my life is my darn heart that I wear on my sleeve!

I placed my simple artwork on my desk as a reminder of what we all might need to do sometimes in our lives.

let it go desk

Just love those who hurt you, and “let it go”!


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