A sweet, cute, dragon, for my someday grandchild.I ran across this photo when working on one of my “someday” projects, sorting and framing old photos.

This is a photo of a blow up dragon I purchased on one of our vacations to the beach in South Carolina, in 2001.

We (just me and my husband) were sitting in chairs close to the water, reading and enjoying a beautiful day at the beach.  There was a dark haired, beautiful little girl close to us playing in the sand and sitting on this colorful, cute dragon.  As I watched her, my thoughts went to thinking maybe, just maybe, I would have a grandchild just like her.

After dinner one evening, we stopped at one of those beach stores always found in beach resort areas, and there it was, the little dragon. I bought one!  It was going to be for my grandchild.

At the time my son was engaged, and I thought his life was set in order, and my grandchild would not be far off.

Unfortunately, life took a turn, and some years later, my son’s relationship with the young woman he was with for years, ended.

“Suddenly”, that is life isn’t it?

He is still trying to recover and find his way.

He will be OK, God must have something else in mind for him.

As for me, I believe that by purchasing the little dragon I was being bold, and being confident that God hopefully has a grandchild already planned!

I have the little dragon stored in a safe place.

In life we need to declare good things and believe in our God and then just sit back and watch the awesome things He will do for us.

Expect, believe today, that all things are possible.

See ya!





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