Today is my birthday!

I so appreciate the fact that God has given me another day, and a new start for another year.

No big birthday celebration planned, as usual on my birthday, the weather is horrible, so bitterly cold with dangerous wind chill temperatures.  The roads are snow covered and icy.

Not a great day to go out and celebrate.

Sooo….I guess I will just keep my snowman pajamas on, maybe all day, and enjoy the day as best I can.

When we grow old I guess the magic of a birthday is gone, I hate that!

Really wish I had a birthday cake!

Needed my birth certificate last week for ID purposes, after my purse was stolen from my car at the gas station!  It was a really awful experience!

I sat down this morning with my coffee, by our warm fire, and looked at the certificate.

Didn’t know, or remember, that my momma was only 21 years old when I was born, my father was 31.

I was a 7-1/2 month baby, 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and I was born at 11:26 PM.

Wondering if it was cold, and snowy that day!

Did they wish for a boy, but God gave another girl, so hope they were happy with me!

My father’s occupation was listed as a machine operator, never knew that!

Not many photos of me as a baby, I suppose I was a bit small, don’t know.

Wishing today that I had asked my sweet mom so much before she went to heaven.

Hope you all have a great day on my birthday!

My day has started with such love, already hearing from my sweet brother and sister.

Love them so very much.

If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother, talk to her so you will know the sweet things of your life.

Just so much love to all today, so glad I am still around to tell you all “I love you”.






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