Added a small table and two chairs to my back porch and I was thrilled when I found a colorful tray for $3.99 at Michael’s at 80% off the original price.

The colors are perfect, bright blue and also the bright green color of my pillows.

The tray matches some summer Margarita glasses that I already had.

Bright green and blue tray and glasses.

The glasses reminded me of one of my favorite adult drinks, Italian Margaritas.

They are a twist on the regular Margarita by adding a shot of Amaretto to the mix.

You can add salt to the glass edge or sugar.  To get the salt to stick to the glasses you first need to moisten the rim with lime juice, and then swirl glass rim in the salt.

I found that the best Margarita mix, which already has the alcohol in it, is the soft packages sold by Daily’s.¬† I have tried other mixes but this is by far the best.

IMG_0012[1] You can freeze the packs for frozen drinks, or just serve on the rocks.

Love the addition of the small table and chairs to the porch,.

Love my new inexpensive colorful tray.

Love Italian Margaritas, and I love all of you!

Happy Summer!



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