One of the overwhelming projects on my list of things to do, “someday”, is cleaning out my garage.

I really just needed to get started, so I decided to go out everyday and spend a little time sorting out what I wanted to keep and what was junk!

I came across this metal beverage container for bottled drinks that I had purchased years ago.

It was red when new, but as you can see from photo, it turned a shade of pink!

Garage sale beverage tub!  Before painting!I was going to pitch it, but decided to try and paint it instead.

With the 4th of July this week I picked a navy blue spray paint.

Spray painting old beverage tub!The container had nice wood handles, so I taped them, and sprayed the tub inside and out.

Here it is…

Spray painted old beverage tub!It looks pretty good, but I decided to add an extra touch for the 4th.

I used a star punch and cut out some silver stars.  Using one of my favorite craft supplies, glue dots, I attached the stars to the container, here and there. Glue dots have glue on both sides, they are only a $1.00 for a sheet of 100.

Supplies for making silver stars!

The stars can be removed without taking the paint off, so the container can be used any time not just for the 4th of July.

Love it!

Old Beverage Tub spray painted and stars added!  Awesome results!It was so simple to do and the results are awesome!

I thought of another idea, that ties in with the container.

Had some stars and stripes duct tape, so I wrapped around the bottled drinks.

Duct tape added to beverage bottles for the 4th!

Now I just need to fill my “new” container with ice and drinks for my 4th celebration!

Completed beverage tub project for the 4th of July!  Awesome!

It really makes me feel good when I can recycle something that I was going to pitch in the junk pile.

I now have an original beverage container that I can use year after year.

So pleased with the way this project turned out.

I love the simple creative things we can accomplish in this life we love!

See you all next time!


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