The stores are full of back to school supplies, wishing I had a bunch of kids to take shopping for crayons, notebooks, and backpacks.

As adults, we can’t let go of those memories of getting back to school supplies, can we?

Today I am sharing a DIY craft project of changing those blah, boring, legal notepads, to fun, colorful, notepads!

A rainbow of color!

When I worked, I hated going to the office supply cabinet, finding that my only choice for a notepad, was those generic legal notepads, especially those yucky yellow ones!

Where is it written that a business setting has to be boring?

Just by using scrapbook paper, scissors or paper cutter, and a good glue stick, I have created some colorful, whimsy, legal notepads.

The color and design selections are endless.

A black and white set, with different fun paper on each one.

A bright blue set for my sister’s bright blue office.

I used some leftover wrapping paper to make gold ones for my desk.

As I started making these, I became addicted, that happens to me when I find a simple, fast project, with such fun results.

Makes a great gift, tie with ribbon or twine, add a cute tag, maybe some pencils too!

The how to is simple.

  • Cut paper strips, 2-1/2″ high, and the width of the notepad, usually 8-1/2″ wide for the large, or about 5″ wide for the smaller size notepads.
  • Apply glue to the top border of the notepad and some on the paper strip as well, don’t skimp on the glue.
  • Place paper strip on notepad border, press and smooth with your fingers several times, making sure the paper is adhering properly.
  • Repeat on the back of the notepad, up and over the top to cover the notepad border, with a bit extra below the border.
  • Don’t forget to apply glue to the very top part of the notepad too!

That’s it!

Thanks for reading my post today.

Hope your day is fun, colorful, and cheery!

Try to avoid the blah and boring!

Thank God for this day, a gift, tied with love and blessings.





2 comments on “Fun Legal Notepads”

  1. Hey, where are my legal pads. What a way to brighten anyone’s office/desk. Another great idea (and simple too) love it ❤️

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