Forgiving yourself for past mistakes and the hurt these mistakes have not only caused you,  but those you love so much is not only difficult, but heartbreaking.

When starting these writings, about setting my life on the track to “loving this new simple life” of mine, I knew I needed to share personal feelings, which I have tried to do.

Over the years, I have done so many things I am ashamed of, I can hardly believe that my life was so dysfunctional that they happened.

Many would not have happened if I would have been able to be honest and able to reach out to my husband and those who loved me!

This has been one of my downfalls all of my life.  Being honest with people letting them know that I was in trouble.  Ashamed that they would hate me and turn away.  They did not, they stayed, at least the ones that matter.

Forgiving yourself does not mean that you ever forget, but necessary to move on in life.

God has forgiven me, so now I still work on forgiving myself.

Please forgive those mistakes today that are holding you back from “loving your life”.

Love ya!


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