In my “31 Days” of writings on kinda “remaking of my life”, loving your home or the place that you call home is so important.

Visiting one of my favorite stores last week I struggled with buying a sweet, simple, canvas sign.

Take a deep breath,

your are home now!

I can still remember coming home from school to a clean house with my Mom usually ironing.  Our lives were far from perfect, but I always knew my Mom loved me, and I was safe at home with her.

My dreams over the years of having a larger more expensive house are gone.  The one I have with all its flaws is my “home”.  I have learned to love this simple place filled with cherished things and memories.

I am working on removing unnecessary things, all the clutter here and there.  Simplicity helps us to eliminate excess.

Simplicity doesn’t mean doing without, but I am finding that less, keeping only the special things that you so love, has a way of taking away stress and brings order to life.

Peace, safety, joy, love, and contentment, that is the “home” I want for me and my family.

Oh, I did buy that little sign!  I plan on hanging it near my front door so when we step inside we can take that deep breath, knowing we are “home”.


Love the special place you call “home”.

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