When I started to put this life of mine on the road to loving it, I had this longing to take some special time everyday to do the simple things I enjoy or always wanted to do.

Over the years raising my son, money worries, keeping my marriage going, trying to keep my house in order, my job, meetings, traveling, I was always exhausted. I had no time for anything else. Just go to bed for that much needed rest, only to toss and turn again from the worry.

I went back down in my basement to my small, messy at times, workplace with all my paints, papers, ribbons, all these colorful things that make me happy.  I began to be creative again.

Most of my life I had worked on craft things trying to make extra money, mass producing things to sell at fairs.  Again, adding stress, late nights, little sleep, to get all completed for the next exhibit.  This was all about making money not being creative.

Began enjoying music more. Nothing more relaxing than putting on headphones or earplugs when you are working, walking, or just taking quiet time.

I started reading, something I never had time to do in my life before. Reading for me now is part of living.

Gardening, and working outside in the yard is one of the most peaceful times for me.  This past spring and summer gave me days of joy just watching all my plants grow and flourish, just like I see my life now.

Although I am on the last part of living this life of mine I plan to enjoy it, doing things that give me joy and trying to learn new things, like my blog and this writing challenge, loving all until the last.

Please never forget to enjoy things you love to do, let the other things go, believe me most things can wait.




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