I recently heard a commercial, right now I can’t recall the product, but in the spot the words, “take lots of photos, in 15 years you will be glad you did” were used.  How true!

Photos are really so much more important to me at my age and in my life right now, I love to frame and give them as gifts, old ones or new.  A framed photo, given with love as a gift, is really special.

Most of us have boxes or albums full of old photos, and I am no exception.  Pulling them out from time to time brings tears, laughter, and memories.  Recently I ran across a group of photos of a Halloween party we had with a group of old neighbors some years back.

Let me share some of those with all of you now.

Ellen an RichMarijettaJean and FrankShiela and BillWhat fun we all had that night, each photo was taken as we opened our front door, being surprised at each of the couple’s costumes.

In the first photo our old friend, the wacky guy with the beer, silly nose and glasses, is now in a nursing home suffering from very early Alzheimer’s disease.  He has not known his wife, or children for years.

The friar and the smiling angel…..our sweet angel passed away of a rare disease five or six years ago.

The Statue of Liberty and the baseball fan, were our very closest friends at the time, so many laughs and vacations together.  They moved away, divorced, and our dear Frank died of a heart attack in his late 40’s.

In the last photo, our loving priest, who lived in the next house down, was shoveling snow about 6 years ago and collapsed.  A horrible night for us, my son working to revive him while we all waited for the medics to arrive. So proud of my son that night.  Our dear priest could not be saved, he passed away before getting to the hospital.

Take lots of photos, you will be glad you did!

Miss all of them, and the memories we all created together.

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