This winter we have had very little snow in our area, actually only one that called for the snow shovel.

First snowThe first one is always special for my little family,

When the snow falls and the cold comes, me and my son will always put in a request for my husband’s hot cocoa.

It is a simple recipe, just one of those very large Hershey bars, and milk.  hershey

That’s it, but it is yummy, with that Hershey bar chocolate taste.

Just melt the chocolate bar and add the milk, stirring until hot.

Don’t forget to top with marshmallows or whip cream.



I have shared my husband’s illness with all of you before, he has progressive Multiple Sclerosis. The disease is really hitting is legs and balance, and now I see issues with the use of his hands.  He has trouble holding utensils and drops his fork on a regular basis at the dinner table.

When we requested he make us “his” hot cocoa he hesitated, but did not want to disappoint us.   Taking his time he completed our request and seemed pleased that he could do that something we hold as a special winter treat.

cocoaI always want him to feel useful and needed in our daily lives.

What a special, “sweet” gift to us, a cup of hot cocoa made with love!

Doing difficult tasks with love really does help us all appreciate the simple joys we sometimes take for granted.

I am so very proud of the way he fights every single day not giving in to this devastating disease.

As I have mentioned before, my prayer is that if God has a reason not to cure him, please do not let him deteriorate more.

Love to all.

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