We live in an older neighborhood and we have many very large trees in our yard.  This time of year that means raking leaves, lots of leaves.

My son helped me this past weekend with this overwhelming chore!

Again, I thank God for him every single day!


As we were raking, Jim stopped and said to me, “Mom, do you remember the day we spent with Grandma collecting leaves for my 5th grade school project”.

I do remember that beautiful fall Saturday morning when we picked my Mom up and headed to an absolutely beautiful icon in Cincinnati, Spring Grove Cemetery.

Cedar Lake

Serving as a living horticultural laboratory, Spring Grove’s Arboretum boasts a remarkable 1,200 species with over 1,000 labeled.  The labeling of the trees really helped Jimmy with identifying the leaves.


Jimmy collected the leaves, mom secured each one, and I helped with the documenting.

His favorite find was the leaf from the Ginko tree.  He was sure not all the kids in his class would have a Ginko leaf!

We enjoyed a really spectacular day together, and we shared what is now a beautiful memory.

I was so pleased and touched that my now grown son remembered the day we spent with his loving Grandma.  It was special moment for us to share.

Making these kinds of memories with your loved ones are so important to living and loving life.  This memory didn’t require money or anything fancy, it was a simple day worth so much, especially all these years later.

Make joyful, loving memories with those in your life today.

Oh, Jimmy received an A+++ on the project and his teacher, Miss Berberich, said it was the best leaf project she had seen!






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