One of the most important things I have learned and worked on over the past few years is forgiving and asking to be forgiven.

Forgiving someone who has hurt you is really a hard thing to do, but you must for your own peace and joy.

I can write about the time I jumped all over a sweet girl at the drive thru coffee line, waiting 12 minutes for a “quick” cup of coffee on my way to work, only to realize that I was wrong and apologized the next day.  This young dear person accepted my apology and eventually we established a friendship, but the example I want to write about is about my Mother.

Days before my loving Mother passed away from breast cancer, as I sat by her bedside alone with her at the time, with tears in her eyes, she whispered to me “forgive me, I am so sorry for…”.

Years ago she thought that I had done something really bad, but the truth was I had not.

I never thought again about the incident after it was sorted out, but obviously my Mom did and she wanted me to know before she passed that she was sorry.

It is so hard for me to write this without crying. This was something my Mom needed to tell me before she left this world.  I will never forget this moment with my Mom, and again as with many times in my life, in those last hours of her life before she lost consciousness, I learned from her.

Forgiving and asking for forgiveness is so important and something we all should learn to do in this life of ours.

Love and blessings.



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