Loving our life can at times be so difficult.  I have come so far on my journey but this one is so hard for me to put away.

Our family is dealing with a heartbreak.

Jim and Cheryl

This is a photo of my son and his fiancee at the time it was taken.

All of you know from my posts, how good, kind, and decent, this wonderful human being, my son, is to everyone.

Jim and Cheryl were together for years and finally engaged.  They were in some way or another friends from junior high school. Cheryl and her family lived across the street from us.

They both had people come and go in their lives over the years, Cheryl even having a baby daughter from one of her relationships, but there came a time when they got together and committed to one another.

Jim loved Cheryl and her daughter Christina so much.  He worked hard and made plans for the future, saving every dime for Christina’s education and a home for his new family.

Their dating time together was not normal, Cheryl lived with her parents and both were sick.  Jim stood side by side with Cheryl through the death or her father, and helping with the care of her mother through a long illness before her death.  So much of their lives flew by during these times.

It was then that something happened that we never expected.  Cheryl started communicating with an old friend on Facebook, and eventually started a relationship with him on the side.

Jim saw the signs and eventually Cheryl admitted the affair.

Our heartbreak began.  Jim was devastated, and we all were stunned.

What we all thought was our future family, including a grandchild, was not to be.

Overwhelming sadness took over our lives.

Cheryl has moved on, but Jim is struggling.

When he was small it was easy for me to comfort him, and protect him from the things of life, but this one is hard, he is a grown man and must sort this out for himself.  How could I have prepared him for something like this.  Betrayal from someone you loved.

I pray for him, and know that God must have something, or someone, planned for his future.

These are the things we all must deal with in life, and with faith overcome in time.

I see signs of happiness and peace slowly coming back to my son and his life.  He laughs more and more each day.

Life is good, and I believe he will love his once again.





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