I am really not a “star watcher” but all the talk in the past few days, on TV and the internet, has been about Renee Zellweger’s new look!

Speculation is that she had surgery.

She does seem to have a softer look and a thinner face.   Let’s not forget that she is getting older.  Regardless, in both photos I think she looks really good!

She spoke out and simply said, “I am very happy”!

To me that is it!

Find your “happy place” with your looks, your weight, your image, and just be happy!

I underlined your place, not the place others want you to be!

It has taken me years and years to know this, even at one point in my life wanting to hide when I had gained too much weight.  I stopped living.

Please don’t do this to yourself.  Find your “happy place” with your looks and stay there!

Shame on everyone else.

When will be ever stop judging others for the way they look?

Be happy today, love to all.


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