I have written many times on how I am learning to appreciate all that I have, but I still struggle with wanting “things” that I see when I am out and about.

Before I started on my journey of discovering what loving life is all about, I would buy what I wanted, within reason, without hesitating.

I was an “impulse” buyer!

A couple of years back, I received an “exclusive” invitation in the mail, exclusive to me and thousands of other women, to come to a special sale, with 40% off everything, at one of my favorite women’s clothing shops.

Of course, I had to go!

After browsing around the entire shop a couple of times, I stood next to a beautiful, older woman, even older than me, looking at some nice, soft gloves, in beautiful colors.

As we were small talking about the colors, a younger woman came up to us and said, “Mom, do you see anything you want”.  The older woman replied, “Oh, I see many things I want, but nothing I really need”.

To this day I remember my encounter with the lovely woman.  Now when shopping, I try to whisper to myself, “do you really need this”?

I have also found that if I go back for a second look at something I thought I really wanted, it doesn’t look that good after all.

When I receive these “exclusive” invitations in the mail, I often wish I could run into this lovely person once again to thank her for her words.

Money is so tight for me and my husband since I have stopped working, but I am still able to buy a special “something” now and then, which is OK for all of us.

This colorful (boysenberry) jacket is my “something” at the moment.

Velveteen Utility Jacket

Love the color and the buttons.

I have always loved buttons, thanks to Grandma’s button box I remember searching through so many times as a child.

Right now I am waiting on the 50% off coupon before buying this jacket, who knows, maybe by that time it won’t look that great to me.

Remember my lovely older woman when you are shopping, she may help you as she has me!

Happy, enjoyable shopping to all of you!

Treats are good!

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