I have shared my ongoing project with all of you, cleaning out my garage!

So much to sort through and eliminate.

Last week I came across a box of clipboards that are leftovers from my job when I stopped working, over a year ago.  As I have mentioned before, I traveled and did a lot of training with the position that I held.  Clipboards were used quite often during training.

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"

I didn’t really want to pitch them, so I came up with a very useful, simple idea that anyone can complete and have fun at the same time.

Using chalkboard paint, a sponge brush, and a detail brush, I painted the clipboards.

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"So now I have chalkboards!

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"I bought a bottle of chalkboard paint at Michael’s.

Using a coupon, the bottle at 50% off, was only $2.50.  The brand is Folk Art found in the acrylic paint section.

There are many chalkboard paints on the market including chalkboard spray paint.

Using my sponge brush I simply painted each clipboard with several coats of paint, allowing time to dry between each coat, as indicated on the bottle.

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"Be sure to smooth out as painting, to prevent brush stokes from showing when dried.

I painted up to the clip area on each board, and then using an inexpensive detail brush I painted around the silver clip piece.

When all the boards were painted several times, and completely dry, the fun part was starting.

Decorating the chalkboards!

You can use tapes, ribbons, or most any type of embellishments.

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"Of course, you do not have to decorate they are good plain for most any room.

An eraser can be stored on the top of the clipboard when hanging, and chalk can be slipped in the clip area for easy access.

"Clipboards to Chalkboards"Don’t throw out your old clipboards, turn them into chalkboards!

Be creative and have fun with this simple, useful project.

See ya!


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