My sweet husband has MS and as I have mentioned before, he is deteriorating everyday.

Impossible to walk without his stick, or holding onto walls.

Having episodes when his eyesight leaves in one eye.

Adding to that, his leg is swelling from his cancer surgery four months ago.

Not to mention, the eczema he has on one of his palms, that never stops itching. Never.

Just so much to deal with, praying that there will not be anything else!

His request this morning, “can you make a pitcher of that great cherry Kool-Aid you make?”.

He has it rough.

When he wakes up and starts his day not making me laugh, I know it is an especially bad day for him.

Can I make him cherry Kool-Aid?

Whatcha all think?

In your prayers on this Sunday, could you add one for my cherry Kool-Aid guy?


With love.

Oh, the recipe for my “great” cherry Kool-Aid, extra sugar, less water, and lots and lots of ice!