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Never too old! – Love This!

Ran across this on Pinterest, and I love it!

Love this, especially since I am 67, best years ahead!

Why do you think I love it?

Well, I am 67 years old.

 I feel some of my best years are now, and many more ahead.

I really love my life right now.

I have so many dreams.

So, so many ideas I want to work on and create.

So much life yet to live!

Hope you feel this way about your life, no matter how old you are.

There are 1440 minutes in each day, don’t waste any of them.

Live with joy, and appreciation for all that you have, especially the small,

simple things.

See you tomorrow!

Just a Photo!

A sweet, cute, dragon, for my someday grandchild.I ran across this photo when working on one of my “someday” projects, sorting and framing old photos.

This is a photo of a blow up dragon I purchased on one of our vacations to the beach in South Carolina, in 2001.

We (just me and my husband) were sitting in chairs close to the water, reading and enjoying a beautiful day at the beach.  There was a dark haired, beautiful little girl close to us playing in the sand and sitting on this colorful, cute dragon.  As I watched her, my thoughts went to thinking maybe, just maybe, I would have a grandchild just like her.

After dinner one evening, we stopped at one of those beach stores always found in beach resort areas, and there it was, the little dragon. I bought one!  It was going to be for my grandchild.

At the time my son was engaged, and I thought his life was set in order, and my grandchild would not be far off.

Unfortunately, life took a turn, and some years later, my son’s relationship with the young woman he was with for years, ended.

“Suddenly”, that is life isn’t it?

He is still trying to recover and find his way.

He will be OK, God must have something else in mind for him.

As for me, I believe that by purchasing the little dragon I was being bold, and being confident that God hopefully has a grandchild already planned!

I have the little dragon stored in a safe place.

In life we need to declare good things and believe in our God and then just sit back and watch the awesome things He will do for us.

Expect, believe today, that all things are possible.

See ya!





Nails in a Piece of Wood!

I was at my local grocery store today and I heard a mother say to her child, “you are so stupid”.  How horrible.

I used the title of my blog today, “Nails in a Piece of Wood”, to make a point about words.  Words do matter!

When you hammer nails into a piece of wood, or a fence post, you can remove the nails, but the holes remain.  The same is true with words.  Once spoken they can never be taken back.

"Words Matter" Cannot remove holes in wood from nails, also cannot remove damage to someone by hurtful words.I can tell you from personal experience, that you never forget cruel, critical words. They are with you for the rest of your life.

I once had a teacher in elementary school tell me, in front of the entire class, “Why aren’t you as smart as your older sister”.  Well, from that day forward I just felt I was stupid, and could never do anything.

Once an immediate family member told me, my sister, and my brother, “you look like bums”.  Why?  Why would you say that to children?

We were clean, but maybe our clothes were not the best.  We were wearing what we had, and what we were given to wear. Granted they were probably hand-me-downs, but was that our fault?

Those two statements have stayed with me and shaped my life in such negative ways. I never felt that I could accomplish anything but a simple office position and I never had any self confidence.

I never believed that I could be successful until much later in my life when I finally realized, I’m OK.

Promoted from my entry level job, up the ladder, to a Manager, I was given a highly visible position, representing my company, traveling, and training for the Quality Department.  Many times I was asked to travel on the company jet, and to give presentations to various groups.  Why me?  Because I was valuable, I knew my job and others did not!

I always spent too much money on clothes, and my appearance, never feeling I looked nice or that I was at all attractive.   Another result of cruel words.

In today’s world, hopefully teacher’s cannot say such things to children without being held accountable. Although I never told my parents what the teacher said to me, I guess I was too ashamed, later in my life I did share this with my sister and brother.

I hope that everyone reading this will remember that words do matter and never speak in such horrible ways to children, family members, employees, or anyone. You just may be responsible for the difference in someone’s life.

I am a child of God, and I know I am valuable, and have much to offer in this life that I now love so very much.

Love to all.


“Be a Miracle to Someone”

On Sundays I always try to catch the TV broadcast of Joel Osteen.

If you have never listened to him I suggest you do so at least once.

He is the Pastor at the very successful Lakewood Church, in Houston,Texas.

Joel’s message is always a positive message for living and believing in God and all He can do in our lives.  Encouraging us to let go of negativity and doubt that often bring us down.

The message last week was ” Be a Miracle to Someone”.

You can do this in small ways everyday, small things in the lives of people to encourage them or show them that you care can be huge, and life changing.

Pick up the phone and call someone who may be alone or feeling so lonely.

Hug someone in pain.

Smile at someone, say “good morning”.

Listen to someone with your heart.

Buy someone a cup of coffee.

As Joel stated, “don’t just be someone passing by”.

Friday I was at one of my favorite stores, Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  I was in the isle where you would find drawing paper and crayons for children.

A sweet lady came up behind me and said, in a giggling way, “I love crayons”.  When I turned around I realized that she was mentally challenged.  She appeared to be in her twenties.  I replied, “I love crayons too”.  She was with someone who may have been her mother and she was pointing out all the things she would like to buy.

When I was in the checkout lane they came up behind me. Again she kept asking for things and especially wanted an “Angry Birds” coloring book that just cost a dollar. The answer she was given was “no”.

As soon as I left the store I realized that I should have bought the coloring book for her.  I am sure it would have made her very happy.  Why didn’t I do that?

I was one of those “passing by” people.  Oh how I regret that I didn’t do that simple something to brighten her day.

I imagine now how she would have said in her giggling sweet voice and smiling face, “Oh, Thank You”.

If you have the chance, be someone’s miracle tomorrow.

I know I will never miss that opportunity again.

Love to all.



“Thankful Thursday” – Journaling!

Before my day comes to an end I find peace and joy in writing down my thoughts.

I have kept a journal for several years now and I wish I had done it all of my life.

You can do this anytime during the day, it doesn’t have to be at bedtime.

I journal everyday, but do it when you want to or feel the need, it is not meant to be a chore.

It is so beneficial to me to write down something that is on my mind. Examining a stressful situation by expressing my thoughts and feelings allows me to step back and take a look at what is upsetting me before saying or doing things I will regret. Cruel, harsh words are hard to take back after being spoken.

I try to be as honest in my writings to myself as I possibly can.  It is calming just laying down your worries.

There are so many journals on the market today since journaling is being seen as a positive thing to do in your life.

Journals!There are many types, art journals, travel journals, prayer journals, and gratitude journals just to name a few.

One other thing that I do everyday in my journal is to add at least one thing that I am grateful for that happened during the day.

Here are just a couple of examples from my journal this past week.

– My grown son came over to me as I was reading, fluffed my hair, and said “I love you Mom”.  Do you know how many people never have anyone to say “I love you” to them?

– Thankful that we were able to help someone this week by giving them our spare refrigerator that we kept in our garage for extra drinks and such.  These folks are broke and were having to use coolers to keep their food cold. Right now they are lucky to make the mortgage payment.

Being thankful is so very important to loving your own life.

I thank God every morning for another day and every night for the joys and gifts of that day.

Give yourself a gift today of a journal, and give this a try.

Happy joyful, peaceful, journaling!




The Joy of a Nap!

Today was just one of those days.

I went into my bedroom and passed my cat sleeping in the window.  The window was up, and a breeze was coming in, that was all it took.  I laid down across my inviting, made up bed, and gave myself the joy of an afternoon nap.

"Kitten" napping!

If you have not yet explored the joy of afternoon naps, I urge you to do so and discover this instant magic medicine!

For those who work, I know it is difficult, but find the time to treat yourself on the weekend.

You don’t need to justify it!  If you are sleepy, just sleep.

It is like a “reboot”.

It motivates and refreshes us to get up and go back to the things we need to get done.

I have read naps also have several health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure.

Happy weekend everyone, give yourself a “reboot” when you can!

Take an awesome nap!


Indiana is not Spain!

I was recently visiting one of my favorite blogs and the post of the day was the blogger’s trip  with her husband to Spain.  The photos were really beautiful.

Seriously, I know I will probably never be able to go to Spain. It is not in our budget or something we think about doing in the simple life we lead.

But…….I was able to get away for a few days with my husband to beautiful Rising Sun, Indiana, on the Ohio River. My sister and her husband joined us as well.

Ohio River from the Indiana.

Casino on the Ohio River.I would like to share some of the special moments of our jaunt……

—  We were all sitting outside on a really pleasant evening just talking about this and that, and the talking led to laughing, the uncontrollable kind of laughing we always did as children.  We laughed until we cried!  Remember?

—  I took a “selfie” of all of us!  Only my second one in my life.  They seem kinda silly to older folks, until you take part in one.  What fun!I


—  I just recently started “Texting” and love it!  I can keep in touch with my son during the day, and connect with my dear sweet nieces.

The problem I have is that it takes me forever to complete one line.  Constantly touching the wrong key, deleting and typing over and over again.

I have a feature on my phone that allows you to speak into the phone and it will type your message. I tried it!  What a hoot!

I spoke into the phone and it never typed what I said, and seemed to pick up what everyone else was saying around me. It was as if it had a mind of its own.  When speaking into the phone to complete a “text” to my niece about her father, it ended up saying “he is the fattest”, what the heck, I didn’t say that!  Again, we laughed at what the darn thing was typing until we cried.  We almost wet our capris!

–  As my conversation with my sister continued, we decided to call our brother in New York City.  It seemed like the perfect time for us to connect with him.  We spoke to each other and all said, “I love you, and miss you so much”.  We are criers, and after we hung up, our eyes were filled with tears. Denny is a lovely person, so very dear to us.  He is the baby of the three of us.

Rising Sun, Indiana is not Spain, but I wouldn’t trade the moments we shared together that evening for a trip anywhere.

What a joyful time for all of us!






“Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom”

Today is Mother’s Day and I want to wish all mothers a blessed day.

This is my beautiful Mom, now in heaven.

Happy Birthday Mom!I love this photo of her on one of her last birthdays.

I decided to use this photo because I know that she is celebrating Mother’s Day, hopefully with a yummy piece of cake, with her mother today.  How I miss my mother and grandmother.

Let me share my thoughts, regrets, and memories,

  • Why didn’t I spend more time with you, I would give everything for one more day with you!
  • I miss calling you and hearing you say “Hi Sweetie”, and closing every call with “I love you”.
  • Why did I argue politics with you?  So silly!  The anxiety it brought to both of us was not worth a moment of our time together.
  • Oh, why didn’t I appreciate the First Communion dress you made me by hand. So many tiny, perfect stitches made with love, but at the time I wanted one with all the lace and ruffles other little girls had.  Forgive me.
  • Miss our craft days together.  You always helped me and supported me when I thought I could make a ton of money at the next craft fair.  Those days always started with you making breakfast for us.  I miss the smell of biscuits, gravy, bacon, and eggs, when you opened the door of your apartment.
  • I remember coming home from school to a clean house and you standing ironing, whether for us or for others, to make a little extra money for us.
  • If I close my eyes I can almost feel your hugs.  How I wish you were here to give me one today!

Mother I have learned enough now

To know I have learned nearly nothing.

On this day

When mothers are being honored,

Let me thank you

That my selfishness, ignorance, and mockery

Did not bring you to

Discard me like a broken doll

Which had lost its favor.

I thank you that

You still find something in me

To cherish, to admire, and to love,

I thank you, Mother.

I love you.

Maya Angelou – A Cradle to Hold Me

Happy Mother’s Day, to my sweet, loving Mother, all she ever wanted was to be a Mother and Grandmother.

Love you “Sweetie”.


The Forgotten Mother!

Many thoughts on being a mother this week.

When you become a mother you want to always protect your children from the troubles, hurts, and heartaches in life, even when they are grown.

During Easter season I watched “Passion of Christ’, the graphic movie on the killing of Jesus.

I am sharing this scene with all mothers.  It is heartbreaking.

Our children grow up and leave us to start their own lives but as all mothers know, they will always be our little ones.

Mary holding Jesus, and comforting Him as a child when he falls down, is so precious!