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“Love” Filled Sunday Project

Sunday afternoon I went back years, experiencing one of the joys I remembered as a little girl.

Enjoyed those little girl feelings, felt from so long ago!

I loved paperdolls, always taking pride in cutting them out, as best I could.  Carefully turning my scissors, trying to be perfect with every cut.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, I worked on a sweet “love” filled project, making a wreath from vintage valentines.

Some years back, I saw this idea at Williams-Sonoma, loved it, but too pricey for my budget.

Never forgot how cute it was, so I searched Pinterest, found some adorable old valentines, printed them out, and started to make my own wreath.

Used a styrofoam ring as my base, a cutout cardboard base would work too!

I glued some red paper heart doilies all around the base, placing them here and there.

What fun I had selecting from my valentine collection, deciding which ones to place around the heart filled base.

I used glue dots to attach the valentines to the doilies. These dots have glue on both sides, and also helped raise the valentines up a bit.

Added red ribbon to hang, that was all needed to complete.

Some craft folks use glitter and other embellishments, but I love simple, just the old valentines.

“Love” it!

Oh my gosh, it is so cute!

Loved looking at all the old sweet valentines!

A simple fun project with such a memory.  You all know I love memories!

After Valentine’s Day has passed, I will carefully pack up my wreath for next year, just as I packed up my precious paperdolls, in a shoebox, as a child.

Love, XO



Learning Something New Everyday

When I stopped working I made a list of a few things I hoped I could do everyday.

  • Have some fun.
  • Be thankful and grateful for all that I have.
  • Be creative.
  • Learn something new everyday.
  • Love and help those around me.
  • Get up early, to enjoy the gift of a day.
  • Smile, and put a smile on someone’s face.

So today I am sharing a “something new” for me, painting using gesso.

Gesso is a chalky finish that is used by artists to prepare canvas for painting.

I found a beautiful blog on Pinterest by Rosemary Villabarnes, ( Rosemary shared her technique of “slathering” flower pots with gesso.  I am so very pleased with my first time results.

My pots are so lovely with that vintage look I love.

I “slathered” a few pots of different sizes and shapes, and I also tried my hand at applying to a picture frame from the thrift store.

You will need to buy a jar of gesso, sold in the art supply section at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, don’t forget to use your weekly 40% off coupon, and also some cheap plastic beads.  I had a bunch from a 50 cent thrift store find, but you can find them at the dollar store.

The pots were easy to complete, give the pots a coat of gesso, allow to dry, hot glue beads to rim, allow to dry completely, and then paint with as many coats of gesso as needed to cover beads, until you have the look you want.

Not a quick project, I completed mine in two days.

I love white dishes, the beaded look on dishes is currently so popular.

My pots have found a place in my dining room hutch for now, but I have many ideas for using and displaying them in my home.

Do you learn something new everyday?

A recipe, the meaning of a word, some new tech thing, or a new creative project like me!

Pinterest is a great place for new ideas.

This blog was a huge learning “something new” for me!  I struggle with it everyday, but I won’t give up!

Living is doing, learning, loving!

Hope my little blog puts a smile on your face!

Love you all.

Here’s Rosemary’s link for the flower pots.


Fun Legal Notepads

The stores are full of back to school supplies, wishing I had a bunch of kids to take shopping for crayons, notebooks, and backpacks.

As adults, we can’t let go of those memories of getting back to school supplies, can we?

Today I am sharing a DIY craft project of changing those blah, boring, legal notepads, to fun, colorful, notepads!

A rainbow of color!

When I worked, I hated going to the office supply cabinet, finding that my only choice for a notepad, was those generic legal notepads, especially those yucky yellow ones!

Where is it written that a business setting has to be boring?

Just by using scrapbook paper, scissors or paper cutter, and a good glue stick, I have created some colorful, whimsy, legal notepads.

The color and design selections are endless.

A black and white set, with different fun paper on each one.

A bright blue set for my sister’s bright blue office.

I used some leftover wrapping paper to make gold ones for my desk.

As I started making these, I became addicted, that happens to me when I find a simple, fast project, with such fun results.

Makes a great gift, tie with ribbon or twine, add a cute tag, maybe some pencils too!

The how to is simple.

  • Cut paper strips, 2-1/2″ high, and the width of the notepad, usually 8-1/2″ wide for the large, or about 5″ wide for the smaller size notepads.
  • Apply glue to the top border of the notepad and some on the paper strip as well, don’t skimp on the glue.
  • Place paper strip on notepad border, press and smooth with your fingers several times, making sure the paper is adhering properly.
  • Repeat on the back of the notepad, up and over the top to cover the notepad border, with a bit extra below the border.
  • Don’t forget to apply glue to the very top part of the notepad too!

That’s it!

Thanks for reading my post today.

Hope your day is fun, colorful, and cheery!

Try to avoid the blah and boring!

Thank God for this day, a gift, tied with love and blessings.





DIY Cake Plates

Making cake plates is one of the easier, if not the easiest DIY craft projects.

Today I want to share the plates I have made, along with the “how to”.

There are only three things needed to complete.

  • plate
  • base piece (candlestick or small dessert dish)
  • E6000 glue

Finding your glass pieces is the fun part of this project.

Visit thrift stores, antiques shops, or maybe you have a sentimental piece you could use.

There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from, show your creativity!

When putting your cake plate together, be sure your base and plate pieces are not crooked or wobbly.

Lay your plate face down and find the center, apply glue around the top of the base piece, place on the back of the plate, and press firmly.  You do have several seconds, if needed, to adjust, before the glue starts to set.  I always let my plate set overnight.  That’s it!

These plates are not just for cakes, how about cookies, muffins on a breakfast table, a beautiful cheese assortment, small sandwiches.  So many uses!

My sister, who has never really been interested in craft projects, was with me on my last thrift store hunt. She now wants to have a craft day together before Christmas, to make plates for gifts.

We have already started to stash some finds for our first, and hopefully, not our last, craft day together.

Christmas is only four months away!

A lovely pedestal full of cookies would truly be a thoughtful gift for friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors.

Oh! The yummy chocolate cake in the photo was for my husband’s birthday, he was 74 yesterday!

Love to him!


Eat cake and make cake stands, both are addictive!

Blessings on this Sunday.


Note Cards For Moms

Yesterday was a beautiful Mother’s Day, I was so blessed to be able to spend most of my day with my son.

My son is my special gift from God, the one thing in my crazy up and down life that I got right.  He is special, a good and decent human being, and oh I love him so.  Jim is so very good to me, unconditional love.

Since my mother has gone to be with the Lord, my sister plays a huge part in my life.  I was thankful to be able to spend some time with her as well on this beautiful day.

Also received Mother’s Day wishes, with love, from my nieces, and to end my wonderful day, a call from my sweet brother.

Every Mother’s Day I try to reach out to friends to let them know they are appreciated, especially single moms, what an unbelievably difficult job they have!

Many times I have mentioned my lack of extra money, so I try to make simple gifts, costing very little, whenever I can.

This year I decided on note cards with a personal touch.

My cards were made from photos I have taken over the years.  Photos from vacations, family gatherings, special visits, or celebrations.

The cards were so very easy to make.  Simply select the photos you like, tweak if necessary, lightening them up or cropping, and print out on white card stock.

I cut them down to a 4 x 6 note card size and folded.  Purchased envelopes, and finished up by tying with ribbon or twine.

The note cards were just so fun to make.  Looking through all the photos I have saved over the years gave me endless ideas. A personal gift for so many occasions, for so many people in my life.

What fun around the Christmas season tied up in a bright red ribbon!

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but in this tech world we have lost something by not actually writing and sending letters and notes.  Love going to the mailbox and finding a card or a note from folks in my life.  Too busy, everyone is just too busy!

I love when a gift comes back, I just received a warm call from one of those single moms who received her cards, a former co-worker.  She loved them!

Hope your Mother’s Day was as special as mine, filled with love.