Been working in my yard planting a few flowers here and there!

I am not the most knowledgeable gardener but, I love flowers, and the color they bring to a home and yard.

When going through my little “potting bench” getting ready for the new one my son is working on for me, I had a stack of broken clay pots.  Not all of them were really bad, some had cracks, some missing just the bottom, so this is what I came up with to still use them.

What you can do with a broken flower pot.I planted this pot partially in the ground with the broken side down, and added plants to the soil as if the pot is on it’s side.  I love the look in my little garden.

I used this one in a somewhat shaded area using a begonia and a vine.  It should be beautiful as it grows.  I will give you an update in a few weeks.

If you have some broken pots, why not try this idea instead of throwing them away!

So simple!

Happy Gardening!


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