On Sundays I always try to catch the TV broadcast of Joel Osteen.

If you have never listened to him I suggest you do so at least once.

He is the Pastor at the very successful Lakewood Church, in Houston,Texas.

Joel’s message is always a positive message for living and believing in God and all He can do in our lives.  Encouraging us to let go of negativity and doubt that often bring us down.

The message last week was ” Be a Miracle to Someone”.

You can do this in small ways everyday, small things in the lives of people to encourage them or show them that you care can be huge, and life changing.

Pick up the phone and call someone who may be alone or feeling so lonely.

Hug someone in pain.

Smile at someone, say “good morning”.

Listen to someone with your heart.

Buy someone a cup of coffee.

As Joel stated, “don’t just be someone passing by”.

Friday I was at one of my favorite stores, Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  I was in the isle where you would find drawing paper and crayons for children.

A sweet lady came up behind me and said, in a giggling way, “I love crayons”.  When I turned around I realized that she was mentally challenged.  She appeared to be in her twenties.  I replied, “I love crayons too”.  She was with someone who may have been her mother and she was pointing out all the things she would like to buy.

When I was in the checkout lane they came up behind me. Again she kept asking for things and especially wanted an “Angry Birds” coloring book that just cost a dollar. The answer she was given was “no”.

As soon as I left the store I realized that I should have bought the coloring book for her.  I am sure it would have made her very happy.  Why didn’t I do that?

I was one of those “passing by” people.  Oh how I regret that I didn’t do that simple something to brighten her day.

I imagine now how she would have said in her giggling sweet voice and smiling face, “Oh, Thank You”.

If you have the chance, be someone’s miracle tomorrow.

I know I will never miss that opportunity again.

Love to all.



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