This has been a gloomy weather week.

On and off rain, storms, and dark skies, only a little sunshine now and then.

Too wet to work outside so I decided to go to my long list of “things to do”, picking this as the one to work on today……..

Stacks of old magazines.I have mentioned my love of old books, especially children’s, well, it probably won’t surprise you that I also love magazines.

There are so many stacks in my basement that it really is getting out of control. I feel like one of those folks you see on the show “Hoarders”!  If you have never seen the show it is about folks that never throw anything away to an extreme!

I started early with my cup of coffee in hand, sat down and began what turned out to be such an adventure.  I found magazines dating back over 20 years.

As I paged through each one I found really amazing articles, craft ideas, recipes, and gardening tips. It was as if I had found a buried treasure!

Golden Books!There was a wonderful article about Golden Books in an old Mary Engelbreit’s, Home Companion, dated 2001.

Golden Books!Golden Books!Found yummy recipes, this one from a Country Living, 2004 magazine.

Chocolate Carmel Cream PieI sorted, and went through each one in my stack, deciding to clip out the articles, pictures, etc., that I just had to save.  I now have a stack of clippings to organize, but that’s for another time!

I only managed to get through about 1/3 of my first batch.  I guess I will wait for another day I think it’s going to rain to get through the next stack!

That reminds me of a song that I love, “I Think it’s Going to Rain Today”, by Randy Newman, it really is so good, take a listen.  It is being sung by Norah Jones.


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