Over the years, our family has gathered for a two hour drive to Nashville, Indiana, to the Brown County State Park.

Many years we have rented a family cabin, but this year a smaller gathering, just me, my sister, and our husbands, so we decided to stay in the lodge.

Such a beautiful setting in the state park, especially in the fall time of the year.

The lodge is rustic, no fancy things, they even have real keys to the rooms.

Unfortunately, rain was predicted on our first day with cooler temperatures.  It rained!

We spent time together, that late rainy afternoon, over some rich chocolate brownies and coffee, in a large gathering room in the lodge.  The room has a huge stone fireplace, tables and chairs, and sofas.

Critters in every corner!

My sister’s birthday was in October, no one had made her a cake, so I brought the brownies to celebrate.

She loves chocolate!

We so enjoyed just being together, talking about whatever, including a cute story of my brother-in-law’s name for my sister, early in their relationship, “Sunshine”.  I had never heard that before, oh my gosh, so sweet!

These are the things great family gatherings are all about!  Recalling memories, and making memories.

I am an early riser, so the large window seat in our lodge room, was the perfect spot for me to sit each morning. Lots of pillows behind me, I would write in my journal and read, trying not to wake my husband.

With each day of our stay I could see the trees changing in the woods from the window.

Breakfast the first morning of our trip is always a short drive through the town of Nashville, to a simple, local restaurant with home cooking. Country folks, town regulars, all just so friendly.

As they served us with platters of hot biscuits, gravy, and eggs, I thought of my Grandma, those beautiful breakfast tables she served us, how I miss those times, my Grandma times!

The times I spent with just me and my Grandma are some of the best memories of my life.

I am not a grandma, and probably will never be, but I tried to give those memories to my nieces by spending quality time with them as they were growing up!  They were my grand-babies!

The weather improved the next day, so I went out early, with camera and coffee in hand, to take a few extra photos.

I spoke with a lovely man who was painting the trees from the large back porch, many photographers were out and about, capturing the beauty of this place.

The sun came out, warmer, a full day was planned.

A crisp, cool, beautiful fall day, a gift from God!

We headed into town, a train ride to see the sites, lunch at our favorite spot, Hob Nob Restaurant, shopping in the many shops, and of course, a visit to the candy store for fudge.

On our last morning, we packed up, headed out, driving through the park for the last time.

A stop at the Brown County Winery, and lunch, before heading home.

So very, very grateful for this trip.

So grateful that my husband could join us, even with his health issues.

Jim doesn’t get out so much anymore, so the trip was a treat for him.

So good to see him laugh at the silly card game we all played before day’s end, sharing popcorn, beer, and more chocolate for my sister!

This was a beautiful, small, fall family gathering, but a special one. Relaxing, quite time, for this time in our lives.

Thankful, grateful, blessed!

Love to all.

4 comments on “Another Fall Gathering”

  1. Thanks Sister and dear brother-in-law for the new memories, recalling old ones,( especially of Grandma ) your chocolate brownies for my birthday, and especially for the constant love and support you are so willing to give. Love you 😘Yvonne aka “Sunshine”

  2. My dear sister Marlene,
    I just spent nearly an hour going over all the posts I had missed on your website the past two years! I am ashamed to say it has been that long since I visited your site. Why is it that the things that bring us the most joy in life are too often the things we never get around to doing on a regular basis? As I have told you many times, you are so talented, and I am in awe of the inventiveness, artistry and sheer beauty of so many of your crafts projects. You also take gorgeous photographs. And your ability to express your feelings so succinctly and seemingly so effortlessly, with honesty and perception, with just the right words and just the right amount of words, always touches my heart. I love you so much, Marlene, and the way you have dedicated your life to making your loved ones feel safe and important and loved is a blessing to those of us who are fortunate enough to be in your orbit. Needless to say, I have bookmarked your site and signed up to be notified of when you have new postings and I will be sure to share them with John too. Please keep them coming on a regular basis. I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You are a treasure to cherish.

    • Oh Denny, with tears, I want you to know how much it means to me for you to comment and enjoy some of my offerings.
      I know I am crazy at times, but one thing for sure, my love for my family.
      Overwhelming joy that you and Yvonne might feel a little bit of pride in what I do.
      Thanks again, I love you so much.

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