As a child I always loved crayons, still do!

In several other posts I have mentioned my love of children’s books, so today I want to share a wonderfully delightful picture book, “A Day With No Crayons“, written by  Elizabeth Rusch.

A Day With No Crayons!

The story is about the day Eliza’s mother took her crayons away!

With her crayons gone, Eliza’s imagination takes over and magic begins.

Her creativity shines anywhere and everywhere!

Chad Cameron, the illustrator, made the story come alive.  It is so very cute.

There is something about Eliza, the way she stands, and her enthusiasm, that reminds me of my niece Amanda, when she was small.  She would visit me quite often, and brought so much joy, love, and happiness to my life.  Love you Amanda!

From "A Day With No Crayons"!

If you have children, especially “little artists”, buy this book for them.  They will love it and so will you!

I feel like there is an “Eliza” in me!

Have a great colorful weekend.

See ya!



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