On my post from Saturday, I told everyone about my stacks and stacks of old magazines that I was sorting through. I shared some ideas and articles, well, here is one that I tried today.  It is from a Country Gardens magazine article from 2001.

5-Minute BirdbathThis is so simple, after you get the correct size pots, it actually takes less the 5 minutes to assemble.  Here is the one that I made today!

5-Minute BirdbathThe article suggests using one 16″ and one 12″ pot for the base.  I already had a 10″ and 12″, so I used those and just had to buy the large saucer, which is 12″, found at Home Depot.

So simple and I love the terra-cotta look.

All I need now is to add water and wait for some visitors to stop by for a drink!

Hope you take 5 minutes and have fun putting one of these in your garden!


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