Month: January 2018

It’s my birthday!

Today is my birthday!

I so appreciate the fact that God has given me another day, and a new start for another year.

No big birthday celebration planned, as usual on my birthday, the weather is horrible, so bitterly cold with dangerous wind chill temperatures.  The roads are snow covered and icy.

Not a great day to go out and celebrate.

Sooo….I guess I will just keep my snowman pajamas on, maybe all day, and enjoy the day as best I can.

When we grow old I guess the magic of a birthday is gone, I hate that!

Really wish I had a birthday cake!

Needed my birth certificate last week for ID purposes, after my purse was stolen from my car at the gas station!  It was a really awful experience!

I sat down this morning with my coffee, by our warm fire, and looked at the certificate.

Didn’t know, or remember, that my momma was only 21 years old when I was born, my father was 31.

I was a 7-1/2 month baby, 6 pounds, 11 ounces, and I was born at 11:26 PM.

Wondering if it was cold, and snowy that day!

Did they wish for a boy, but God gave another girl, so hope they were happy with me!

My father’s occupation was listed as a machine operator, never knew that!

Not many photos of me as a baby, I suppose I was a bit small, don’t know.

Wishing today that I had asked my sweet mom so much before she went to heaven.

Hope you all have a great day on my birthday!

My day has started with such love, already hearing from my sweet brother and sister.

Love them so very much.

If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother, talk to her so you will know the sweet things of your life.

Just so much love to all today, so glad I am still around to tell you all “I love you”.






A Million Tiny Little Things…..

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, Sleepless in Seattle, when Tom Hanks talks about his wife in such a beautiful way, “it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they were supposed to be together…”.

When cleaning up a bit yesterday, room to room, picking up and dusting, I realized that Christmas in my home is a bunch of tiny small touches that when you put them all together, you feel the magic of the season.

Before this week is over, I wanted to share many of the tiny things I treasure each Christmas.  Many I have cared for with love over the years to use again and again.

My cherished white nativity set, purchased with Christmas money from my son.

My tree, with all the special ornaments I have collected over the years.

It is sprinkled with snow, pine cones and berries.

My beautiful paper mache angel, handmade, always sitting at the very top, love her so!

This wall hanging was my new addition this year.  I love that it is the first thing you see as you look into my home from the front door, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

A snowflake pillow, a wreath on the mirror, lots of sparkle, with gold and silver ribbons.

Garland on my dining hutch, and entry clock, decorated with beautiful ribbons, lights, and snow covered pine cones.

A bit of red in my kitchen, small dishes, tin canisters, and a small tree.

A Hallmark Santa, so old, nestled under a tree on my kitchen counter.  Love him!

This salt dough nativity set I have carefully packed up each year, purchased at a church craft fair, 42 years ago. The faces are amazing.  Big smiles, rosy cheeks, just so sweet.

A Santa tray, purchased on a Thanksgiving visit, with my precious mother, to see my brother in New York City, so many years ago.

When I bring it out each year, I remember our trip together and how I struggled with spending $35 on this hand painted, paper mache tray.  So glad I did, the memory it brings to mind each year is priceless.

The best saved for last, this Baby Jesus made of paper over 40 years ago by my son.

I love the smile Jimmy placed on his face.

Oh my, precious, cherished, now a family tradition each year, finding the perfect place on our tree to place our Baby Jesus.

Thank you all for allowing me to share all these treasures.

I truly hope every one of you have collected special Christmas treasures, those items that when the season arrives you find such overwhelming joy in displaying in your home as I do.

Sad a bit that the holidays are over and my treasures must once again be packed up with loving care.

Love to all of you, also precious treasures to me.

Blessings and love.


My Wonderful Incomplete Christmas

Made lists, and more lists, planned for weeks, shopped early, wrapped early, but with all of this, my Christmas planning was incomplete.

Most of my decorating in my living and dining area, and my tree was completed, but all my extra little Christmas touches, those I wanted to do here and there, never happened.

Cookies, I so wanted to make, didn’t happen.  Bakery Christmas cookies had to do.

Making ornaments, and creative gift tags, was limited.

So much undone.

In the end, the fact that my family made it to my home on Christmas Eve, despite slippery dangerous snow covered roads, was all that was important.  We all just wanted to be together, and with God’s help and protection we were.

Cookies can still be made, ornaments made and saved for next year.

My husband gets upset with me because I fuss so much when folks are coming to our home.  He always tells me, “it’s just family”.

I have different thoughts on all this fussing, I fuss because I want all to be special for them!

A gift to them.

Thanking them for coming and sharing this special time of the year with me and my family in our home.

I pray you all had a Merry Christmas with family and those you so love.

I also pray and ask God that we all will have a blessed and wonderful new year ahead.

Be safe, be happy, and always love each other.

Fussing for those you love is OK!

Until next time!